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Bling Designs by S is your online store for one-of-a-kind “Bling” accessories. Our iPhone covers feel like you are carrying thousands of diamonds in your hand with the loose-crystal design. And you can add the crystal cell-phone charm to complete the look or just use it alone for a touch of Bling.

Bling Cell Phone Covers

Bling Designs by S

is your online store for one
kind “Bling” accessories. Our line is affordable
luxury for the person who loves Sexy &

Sophisticated Bling!

Our iPhone covers feel like you are
carrying thousands of diamonds in your hand with the loose
crystal design.

Our unique leopard
print pattern exudes luxury… on our iPhone covers, business card holders, compact
mirror, pill case, p
urse hanger, and perfume atomizer. Our famous “Bling Snap” is a clothing pin with
multiple uses.

The versatility of the Bling Snap is the key to adding a touch of bling to any outfit!

can control if you want a little or a lot of bling.

The Bling Sna
p is also available in the same colors as the bangles, so you can make your outfit complete
with matching pieces.

And finally, our leopard lovers can enjoy our beautiful leopard figurines (available
in black, white, red, gold, silver and rose gold), and e
tched glass picture frame, tissue box and jewelry

Cell Phone Charms

Bling Designs by S

is an online based store operating out of Los Angeles, CA, the capital of BLING!

Our lead designer
started the company with one thought in mind… how to do bling in a sexy and soph
isticated way that
women of all ages, cultures and socio
economic levels can enjoy.

Our designs are meant to exude a level of class and fashionable style that looks like a million but is within
reach for all!

We specialize in products that are versatile a
nd make a statement.

Our lead designer has a true passion for “anything leopard” that can catch people’s attention while
making a “wow” statement.

The leopard
print pattern on our cell phone covers, bangles and accessories
is truly unique and one

Bling Designs by S would like to thank you for your support.

We hope you purchase and enjoy our
product lines so that in return we can help you bring a “touch of SEXY bling” back into your life.

Bling Snap Brooch/Pin Pink

Sexy and
chic pave diamond crystal pin/brooch with endless
possibilities. Use one as a clothing pin or mix and match to
make your own design. You control the statement you want to
make.... in a snap!

The charm fits in any device that has an earphone or earjack
headphones, and is designed to keep the dust out to allow
for optimal sound quality. The charm has a pin shaped design
and is easy to put on and take out of your device. Charm is
compatible for iPhone3, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, iPad's, iPod's,
and most other

smart phones that have a place for headphones.
Available in 6 colors. Gift box included. Size: 13mm.

Diamond Crystal iPhone 4/4S Cover

6 Square Design

This one
a kind iPhone 4/4S cover has 6
individual squares filled with hundreds of high
flowing diamond crystals... the
ultimate in luxury for your cell phone. Choose
from black or white case to match your iPhone,
and various shades of diamond crystals. This is
how you bring the sexy back to your cell phone
cover! Gift box included.

ard Statue/Figurine



Leopard statue/figurine made of poly resin in a smooth black
finish. Bring the sexy back to your home or bedroom in a
contemporary and glamorous way!

This statue/figurine is the
epitome of how to bring the sexy back


your home or bedroom!
The sensual pose of the leopard is sure to entice your eyes. This
statue is how you do leopard on another level... in a contemporary
and glamorous way!

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