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OpenGL 1.1.2 for Solaris software
provides a complete solution for
developing and deploying interactive 2D/
3D applications across the range of
workstations. It enables
mainstream, industry-leading 3D
graphics and visualization applications to
be deployed on Sun's Ultra
and Elite3D graphics workstations at a
compelling price/performance point.
Widespread multi-vendor availability of
OpenGL allows source code portability of
three-dimensional graphics clients.OpenGL
1.1.2 for Solaris software is a compliant
implementation of OpenGL 1.1 from the
OpenGL Architecture Review Board (ARB)
and is, therefore, source code compatible
with other conformant OpenGL applications
on the market. Most existing OpenGL
applications will only need a simple
re-compile in order to run with OpenGL
1.1.2 for Solaris software.
Native OpenGL is fully integrated with the
Solaris operationg environment, allowing
developers to take advantage of the Solaris
operating environmentÕs advanced features.
It provides the close integration of graphics
with imaging and windowing technologies.
A deÞned common extension to the X
Window System allows OpenGL clients to
run across distributed heterogeneous
OpenGL 1.1.2 for Solaris software can run
with Common Desktop Environment (CDE)
or OpenWindows
Industry Standard 2D/3D
OpenGL is an application programming
interface (API) providing 2D and 3D
graphics functions, including modeling,
transformations, color, lighting, and smooth
shading, as well as advanced features like
texture mapping, NURBS, fog, alpha
blending and motion blur.OpenGL works
in both immediate and non-editable display
list graphics modes.
64-bit OpenGL libraries
OpenGLfor Solaris includes support for 64-
bit. This new feature allows OpenGL
applications to take advantage of the full
64-bit addressing in Solaris.
Occlusion Culling Extension
This new extension delivers improved
interactive rendering performance for
visualization of large models.
3D Texture Mapping
OpenGLfor Solaris includes support for 3D
texture mapping extension, enabling users
to develop complex data visualization
Imaging Extensions
These new imaging extensions will be
helpful to ISVs and solution providers who
want to perform graphics and imaging
operations using OpenGLwithin the same
OpenGL1.1.2 for Solaris provides the
following imaging extensions:
¥ Color Table Extension
¥ Convolution Extension
¥ Histogram Extension
¥ Pixel Transform Extension
¥ Blend Extensions
for Solaris
software offers the industry-standard 3D graphics interface. It
is seamlessly integrated with the Solaris operating environment, a highly scalable,
reliable, and secure enterprise and internet operating environment.
Device support
OpenGL1.1.2 for Solaris is optimized to
provide maximum performance across the
range of SPARC/Solaris platforms.
This new release provides native support
for the new Elite3D and Creator/
Creator3D Series 3 frame buffers as well
as all other SMCC SPARC-based systems
equipped with Creator/Creator 3D, ZX,
DPA Support
Support for DPA (Direct Pixel Access)
provides ISVs and solution providers
increased ßexibility to run OpenGL1.1.2
for Solaris pn a variety of frame buffers.
Performance Tuning Guide
The OpenGL1.1.2 for Solaris
Implementation and Performance Guide
provides information on the architecture of
the product. It also provides speciÞc
information on how to tune an application to
achieve fast performance when using
OpenGL1.1.2 for Solaris software on
SPARC platforms.
System Requirements
¥ All SPARC-based systems using the
TCX, SX, GX, ZX, Creator and Elite3D
family of frame buffers
Operating System
¥ Solaris 2.5.1 (Maintenance Update 3) or
Solaris2.6 operating environment
¥ CDE or OpenWindows
Disk Space for End-User Runtimes
¥ 30 MB
Disk Space for ISV Development
¥ 30 MB for install, 40 MB for examples
¥ 64 MB minimum requirement; 128 MB
or greater recommended
Product offerings and speciÞcations subject to change without
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