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papers published

B. Pandey,
P. Sharma, D.M Pandey, J. Varshney, S. Sheoran, M. Singh, R. Singh, I. Sharma
and R. Chatrath. Comprehensive computational analysis of different classes of Glutathione S
transferases in
Triticum aestivum

L. POJ 5(6)

531 (2012)

Sheoran S ,
Pandey B
, Singh R, Sharma P, Chatrath R
(2011) Modeling and phylogeny analysis
of bread wheat MnSOD. Bioinformation 6

(6): 209

Rajender Singh,
Bharati Pandey
, Mohd Danishuddin, Sonia Sheoran, Pradeep Sharma, Ravish
h (2011) Mining and survey of simple sequence repeats in wheat rust
Puccinia sp

Bioinformation 7(6): 209

Sheoran S, Pandey B, Singh R, Sharma P, Narwal S, Sharma I, Chatrath R (2012). Comaprative
analysis and expression profile of antioxidant protei
ns in selected plants:
In silico.
Genetics and
Molecular Research.

Manbir Singh, Bharti Rana, Suman Lata, Ajay Verma, SK Singh, Rajinder Singh and Ravish

Indian Wheat Database
A Retrieval system for Wheat Morphological

International Journal for Applied Engineering and Research

7: 603

Rekha Malik
, Hemani Sharma, Ajay Verma, Sush
ila Kundu, Indu Sharma and
Ravish Chatrath.
Hierarchical clustering of Indian wheat varieties using morphological diversity assessment.

ian Journal of Agricultural Research
. Accepted


presented in Conferences

Sheoran S, Pandey B, Chatrath R (2012) Mining of simple sequence repeats

in genes of fungus
Puccinia triticina.

In: “
International conference on Microbial, Plant &

Animal Research
(ICMPAR 2012)” from March 29
31, 2012 at Sikar, Rajasthan, India

B. Pandey
, J. Varshney, H. Sharma, S. Sheoran, R. Singh, R. Chatrath, D. M. Pandey and P.
“Comparative Analysis of AP2/EREBP gene family in selected plants”
In: Proce
of International Symposium on Plant Biotechnology towards Tolerance to Stresses and
Enhancing Crop Yield scheduled from September 28

October 01, 2011 at Birla Institute of
Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.

Bharati Pande
y, Mohd
Danishuddin, Supriya Karkra, Sonia Sheoran, Ravish Chatrath, Rajendra
“Survey of simple sequence repeats in nuclear and mitochondrial genome of rust fungus

In: Proceedings of 3rd International Group Meeting on “Wheat productivity
nt under Changing Climate”organized by University of Agriculture Sciences,
Dharwad & Directorate of Wheat Research, Karnal on February 9
12, 2011 p127.

Supriya Karkra,
Bharati Pandey
, Mohd. Danishuddin, Sujata, Rekha Mailk, Sonia Sheoran,
Pradeep Sharma,
Rajendra Singh, Ravish Chatrath.

In silico
mining of gene based SNPs in
wheat EST database”
In: Proceedings of 3rd International Group Meeting on “Wheat
productivity Enhancement under Changing Climate”organized by University of Agriculture
Sciences Dharwa
d & Directorate of wheat research , Karnal on February 9
12, 2011 p123.

M. Singh, B. Rana, S. Lata, A. Verma, S. K. Singh, R. Singh, R. Chatrath and S. S. Singh,

Database of Indian Wheat varieties
A storage and retrieval system


Proc. of 3rd IGM on

Wheat Productivity Enhancement under Changing Climate, pp 282, 2011.

Varshney J., Ram S., Chatrath R. “SNP analysis of Salt tolerant genes in Wheat”. In:
Proceedings of International Conference on Plant Biotechnology for Food Security: New
frontiers sched
uled from 21st
24th February, 2012 at National Agricultural Science Center,
IARI, New Delhi, India.

Hemani Sharma,
Rekha Malik
Ajay Verma
, and Ravish Chatrath (2012). Hierarchical clustering
of Indian wheat varieties based on the phenotypic diversity. Int
ernational conference on Plant
biotechnology for food security. New Frontiers, Feb. 24, 2012 held at NASC campus, New
Delhi, India.

Technical/popular articles:

Sheoran S, Pandey B, Sareen S, Chatrath R (2012)
chemical and Functional
characterization of
Antioxidant Proteins in bread wheat. DWR, Wheat and Barley Newsletter.

Rekha Malik
, Sushila Kundu, Ajay Verma, Hemani Sharma and Ravish Chatrath (2011).
Morphological descriptors selected for defining genetic di
versity in Indian bread wheat varieties.
Wheat and Barley news letter 5(1), pp 4.