CMPT 412 Milestone II

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CMPT 412 Milestone I


I have been working on getting the application framework set up. We are using a Model
Controller setup through the PHP Zend Framework. It took awhile to get the framework running
agreeably with our XAMPP server (PHP,
MySQL, Apache). We were going to use the server set up for us
by Tariq but we found that logging in to the system remotely wasn’t a very efficient way to transfer our
files to the server
, and overall project management would have been clumsy
. So instead,

each of us

running an XAMPP server on our laptops, and

using an online Subversion Repository provided by This will allow us to simultaneously work on the project without any complications.

are using Tortoise SVN to manage our SVN
We have got the basic framework completed and
are now working on basic feature implementation.
One issue that is going to affect the time it takes to
create our site is that only one of us has some experience with the PHP Zend framework, so t
hat will
slow us down a bit at the start, but in the long run it will benefit us and the project if we decide to
launch it on the web.

Until the next milestone, I will be working on getting the user login and
authentication part of the project working.



using Google Maps API to embed Google Maps in our own web pages.
So far,

can mark an
address by either geographic location or string that user input

We also can change the icon

on the map
based on the location categories we defined.

Therefore when people do a search, we will show the
several top rating locations with customized icons on the map.


I have constructed the database required for our project using MySQL v5.0.67.
Although it is still
subjected to changes, it contains
most of the storage functionalities to support our application. MySQL is
quite similar to PostgreSQL in terms of syntax, but they are quite different when it comes to coding. One
difficulty encountered when writing the script is that the error output of My
SQL does not help at all for
identifying the problem. It shows a very generic error message


t create table

for multiple purpose
just as a

Segmentation fault

in C. At the end the bug is found as a logic error. In the following
milestone, I will keep

on maintaining the database and provide helps to the other group members for
building the application.

The following is the E
R diagram of the database: