CBG Clearance Website Notes and Overview

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CBG Clearance Website Notes and Overview


The website would be programmed in OS Commerce

as a standalone system


We are going to use Zend Framework for this project

The site will function as a full e
commerce site selling clearance and liquidation



It is like brands village where we can see the brands and if we want to see the
product we either have to login or register first by just putting email, name and

The site will require customers to register for free and have a log in

to access the site.
This will enable greater direct marketing potential via email blasts on a daily basis


Its fine

The site will be hosted separately from the Bluestar system and be registered as a
separate entity


Its fine

The Merchant account tied to the

shopping cart will also be a separate account from


We will have a separate ATHORIZE.Net Account for this.

The site will be fully optimized and have social media accounts set up in parallel i.e.
Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube and Flickr.


We just

have to show social media widget or user can also use login of the
facebook to register into the site?

The “Look and Feel” of the site will be based on the Gilt Group site but will function as a
pure e
commerce site and not as an auction site.


Its fine

ll phone numbers and email accounts associated with the site will be independent
from Bluestar.


Its fine


All the merchandise for sale on the website will come from each CBG member


Each retailer of the PJI will provide the product sheet that
bluestar will upload
on the monthly basis or some fixed interval of time.

There will be a maximum of
100 products from each retailer so 10,000 products in total


Do we have to put limit to show 100 products only for each retailer?

The price of the products
will be set by CBG but we will offer 3 price ranges,
Real Cost,
What the retailer would like to get and the lowest liquidation price the retailer is willing
to sell for.


Its fine

Products will be set up

and managed
by the Bluestar office


Its fine

The prod
ucts can be changed by the retailers on a monthly basis.


Retailers just give bluestar new files and we will upload that. Retailer will not
get any
option to upload the product.

When similar products are uploaded to the site, those that are added first will

be sold
first to encourage all retailers to participate.


Product will be show on the basis of date. Old product comes first.

The navigational structure of the website will be optimized to showcase products by
departments and Brands.


The navigation will be

like this:

On home page: All Brands

Then all category of each brand Like Rings, Earing, Pendent etc.

Note: category will be global not the brand based like if in Brand ABC
we have a category ring then same ring category can be in brand XYZ.
Means we do no
t have 2 category called rings for separate brands. We
just add the product on the brand and category basis.

Each member will be required to fill out a data sheet containing the products they wish
to sell and images will be required in Hi


This is our
instruction to the retailers

We will require immediate notification from each retailer when a product has been sold
in store so as to keep all product offerings current.


Bluestar will manage all fulfillment for products sold through the


How we are going to manage the fulfillment. There could be the condition
when a user purchase 2 product of different retailers. So for fulfillment we
send Air Bill to both the retailer and they will send package to the client. In this
case user wil
l get 2 package for 1 order. This seems to be wired to the user.

Bluestar will secure a new merchant account and bank account to manage all funds
which will also be accessible by the CBG office.


User will have to return 2 products to 2 different retailers

in order to make the
refund. This will gain create confusion to the user. Or we are going to get the
refund. We need explanation on this too.

Bluestar with the CBG office will maintain all bookkeeping records for all transactions.


Please explain this.

ailers will invoice the Website entity
as products are sold

and will

on a



Its fine.

Products will carry a 30
day money back guarantee

and so retailers will be required to
honor these terms and will be expected to take mercha
ndise back if a sale falls through.


Again need clarification of returning of the order that contains more than 1
retailer’s product.

Retailers will be sent notification of a sale via email along with a

order receipt and

; each retailer will
then ship the product out to the customer directly.


We have to generate separate Air Bill for different products if they belong to 2
different retailers.

Returns will be sent directly back to the retailer that supplied the product.


We need to discuss this

All members will be required to ship out the product within 24
48 hours.

Retailers will be required to honor all pricing supplied and
completely responsible for
any errors on pricing supplied to the website.

The website entity will be responsible for a
ll taxes etc. associated with the sales process.


Bluestar will be marketing the website as


independent entity.

We will be doing full Search Engine Optimization on the website

We will be doing full Social Media Market
ing for the website including the set up of a
weekly Blog site, Facebook page and twitter account.

We will be sending out email blasts on a weekly basis to all registered customers

We may begin a pay per click advertising campaign

as and when the budget al

We will be
doing affiliate marketing with link advertising such as that done by


We will be doing some paid link building as and when
the budget allows

There will be absolutely no connection made to any CBG member or the CBG office in
any marketing campaigns. The website will be completely anon
ymous and not tied to
y existing business.

All numbers and addresses associated with the web
site will be new and independent


We are having some queries related to the project.