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Search Engine Optimization

How do people find your business?

This is very simple. W
e submit a sitemap of your listing to Google. Google then indexes
your site for searching.
With the keywords that you put into your listing page, anyone is
able to search for you and find you.


For example: Let’s say that you are looking for a Financial Com
pany; You may
search Fi
nancial Servi
ces and the city or just type the name of the company into
Google and your listing will come up. Please allow 3
6 weeks for Google to index
your site.

No doubt you have, in one way or another, been informed that SEO is
ssential for improving website visibility, increasing your traffic and sales
online.. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which is the on
process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website or web page in
the organic search engine r
esults presented in Google and the other major
search engines.

SEO is not a service or process that can produce significant results in a few days,
or even a few months
How long the process takes to reach consistent visibility in
search results is
determined by the methods, strategies, priorities and ongoing
efforts made in WhatsInYourArea SEO. While it is a long term, ongoing effort, the
benefits are huge providing visibility at the exact moment in time that the online
searcher is actually looking
for you.

Google is the largest system of indexed content ever developed. To be included in
the index, is huge for business. Google will index your site in order for it to be
crawled and ranked in search results.

Here are a few examples: Go to


In the search box type AC Financial Group llc


Look for the search result “
AC Financial Group, LLC



Still not convinced? Search “
Advocates for Successful Home Ownership


Another example

Promise Promotions LLC

You may not be always on the first result, but you are included in the search on Google.