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Search Engine
What Is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is the process through which
individual pages of a website is ranked for targeted keywords. This enables visitors
from across the world to take a look at your website which in turn helps you sell
your product(s) or services online.
So, if you have a website or want to build a website to sell your products or services
online then SEO is the process.
Why you need Organic Search Engine Optimization?
• 91% of US users use search on a regular basis and the numbers are pretty high in
other countries as well.
• 80% of the clicks on Google are on the organic search listings
• Above 50% online search is done through Google
• If you are not doing it, your competitor is doing it. Do you want to lose out on all
these leads?
What is Organic Listing?
This is the normal listing that appears in the Google Search Engine Result Pages
without paying any amount to Google.
Our SEO Tools and Software save You Money and Time- We've experts in the field to
fine tune areas like keyword research, web page optimization and link building so it
can be done fast and efficiently to serve your purpose.
Why Our SEO Service Is Special:
• Results-Based Reporting – At the end of each month we provide you with
customized report to show you improvements and statistical report brought to
you by Google Analytics.
• Long Term Relationship – We believe in long term relationship and thus want to
serve our customers better. This way we create trust and faith over a period of
years to serve you in different ways.
Why Choose Us For Search Engine Optimization Services?
Here Are some Good Reasons
• We have a proven track record that spans 5 years. If you are in need of a seo expert,
you have come to the right place.
• Our technical service is a bit different from the rest in the sense we are always
available round the clock.
• All keywords accepted by the client have top page listing.
• Our search engine optimization service is based on 100% organic natural listings
and not pay-per-click or pay for traffic schemes.
• We cater to small businesses and put our focus on getting the best search based
leads at the most affordable price.
• We do not engage with another client who is competing for the same keyword
market as yours while you are working with us, thus we save the best for you.
• Only after completion of the service to our client (if the client does not go for a
monthly maintenance plan) then only we take competing keywords in the same line.
1.Research your keywords
2.Analyze your page
3.Check dead links
4.Create Robots.txt
5.Create Meta tags
6.Verify through Google Webmasters
7.Google Analytic Code Placement
8.Upload your site
9.Create site counter (if required)
10.Analyze spider routes
11.Search Engine Submission
12.Directory Submission
13.Social Book Marking
Some of the services that is included in our service package.
14.Article Optimization & Submission
15.Create Blog
16.Blog Directory Submission
17.Exchange links
18.Analyze your rank
19.Check link popularity
20.Check site positions
21.Check your site submission
22.Research Google Dance
23.Check your site indexation
24.Check your positions on Google Datacenters
25.Research domain names
26.Check your site statistics
The services listed above are a part of our SEO Campaign and it provides you with the
much needed impetus to rank for competitive keywords in the major Search Engines
and thus attract visitors to your site.
The SEO Process Cycle
Our search engine optimization maintenance service plan will ensure that your site will
continue to increase in its rankings, attract more visitors and make more sales. Our
Search Engine optimization and Website Promotion service is done in following phases:
PHASE: I -Website Analysis
• Website page Analysis
• Keyword Competition Analysis
• Keyword Analysis for target visitors
• Keywords Popularity analysis
PHASE: II - Website Optimization
• HTML code validation and repair
• Web page and Image Optimization
• Meta Tags Optimization
PHASE: III - Website Submission
• Sitemap creation (HTML & XML)
• Sitemap Submission (XML)
• Directory submission
PHASE: IV - Website Promotion
• Creating Blog
• Article Submission
• Submitting Posts
• Social Bookmarking
• Link exchange and One Way Links
• RSS Feeds Submission
PHASE: V - SEO Reports
• Keywords Ranking Reports
• SEO Analytics – Google
PHASE: VI - SEO Maintenance
• Monthly Ranking Reports
• Optimization Reports
• Further Optimization (if required)
The SEO Packages
PACKAGE : 1 – Bronze
Website Attributes Bronze
Size of Website 10 Pages
Number of Keywords 10
Price Per Month 15,000/-
PACKAGE : 2 – Silver
Website Attributes Silver
Size of Website 25 Pages
Number of Keywords 20
Price Per Month 22,000/-
PACKAGE : 3 – Gold
Website Attributes Gold
Size of Website 50 Pages
Number of Keywords 30
Price Per Month 35,000/-
PACKAGE: 4 – Platinum
Website Attributes Platinum
Size of Website 100 Pages
Number of Keywords 40
Price Per Month 45,000/-