Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Advanced Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Surgically Bringing the Right Prospects To Your Website

For Conversion

Internet Presence Package + $200/month

Main Street Marketing . (859) 904
8035 . www.Main

Advanced SEO surgically brings the right prospects to your website so you can
start converting them into customers. We focus on building or correcting your
SEO foundation on your website and then build on that foundation consistently
over time using only
white hat SEO techniques.

This holistic, organic approach to
improving your SEO will give you the best results and most long lasting effects
when compared to campaign style SEO techniques that tend to lose rankings
quickly after the service is discontinued
. Google and other search engines are
pushing for more and more quality, consistency and just overall passion being put
in to your website before they give you a higher ranking. It’s our opinion that this
holistic and organic approach to SEO is the only wa
y to go since it not only
protects your website from the potential ill effects that future algorithm changes
may have on your website but that it will also let you thrive while others fail
because they didn’t to heed the warnings from major search engines
to stop
gaming the system.


Our Advanced SEO process starts with a full and frank SEO audit of your website. This will give us all the
information we need to get started

including things that might need to be fixed before we be
gin our
SEO work.

We will be adding rich snippets to your website designed to make your search engine listing
standout, which can greatly increase click through rates and even overshadow the competition that
maybe be placing above you in rankings.

We will
also go through your website and make sure everything
is fully optimized for the search engines so we can start to building lasting results from a solid


Interactive, online, and current information about your rankings

and status on search engines and local
marketing sites like Google Local and more.


Using information from the SEO Audit, we will create a picture of the competition and local landscape.
We will create a list of keywords that are relevant
to your marketing. We then research which of those
keywords will allow you the best results due to competitiveness. We then use these keywords to
optimize your website pages and in creating new SEO optimized articles for your site.

Advanced Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Surgically Bringing the Right Prospects To Your Website

For Conversion

Internet Presence Package + $200/month

Main Street Marketing . (859) 904
8035 . www.Main


We focus most of our attention on Google since that is where the searches are being made in most
cases. Google likes to keep things clean, so we work to make sure everything is kept under one Google
account/email address. This allows us to fuse all
the tools, listings, and pages needed to provide a
successful SEO campaign and helps Google to associate all the various tools and information with your

Some of the things we do…

Create a master Google account for all your Google information

p Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Places profile feeds data to Google Maps and search

Submit and verify Google Places business listing and Google+ company page

Make sure Google+ profile feeds data to maps and search

Submit Authorship with headshot

up schema info on your website to aid Google In Geo targeting and rich listing


When it comes to local rankings, one of the major factors known to help are Citations (local directory
listings). Not only will Citations help with your ranking
s in all the major search engines but you get traffic
organically from them also. We set up citations and backlinks using top directories and reverse
engineering competitor backlinks distributing the NAP (name, address, phone number

all over the

We`ll also make sure that your NAP is on all social media properties, as well as the footer on
every page of your website.


Google and customers love reviews. Google sees reviews as a big ranking factor
. A

study by the Local
Consumer Rev
iew Survey in 2012 stated that up to 72% of consumer’s trusted online reviews as much as
personal recommendations. This is very significant to the development of your business. Although
reviews are not something that can be created by us as it breaks Googl
e terms and conditions, we will
set up the website and cl
ient processes that enables you

to get genuine reviews from
with minimal effort.