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Concrete Compression Testing
V 1:01/02/05

Can be used in accordance with:
BS 1881 UNI EN 12390-1:2002
UNI EN 12390-2:2002
Model Description Part Number
Elcometer 190

Elcometer 190 Quick Beton® Concrete Cube Compression Test Mould
– 6 moulds per pack
Concrete Compression
The strength of the
concrete is key in the
construction process. The
compressive strength of
concretes and cements
used in a structure are
specified and carefully
monitored. In order to
control the quality of the
mix, cubic or cylindrical
concrete test samples are
made and their
compressive strength is
tested by applying load.

Elcometer 190 Quick Beton
Concrete Cube
Compression Test Mould
Elcometer 190 Quick Beton®
Concrete Cube Compression Test
The Elcometer 190 Quick Beton® is an
innovative, low cost, accurate cube
mould for use in concrete compression
and quality testing.

Until now, in order to meet the stringent
requirements of UNI EN 12390-1:2002,
moulds have usually been solid metal
castings – making test sample removal
very difficult.

This lightweight (800g, 1.76lb) mould is
designed to allow samples to be
removed with minimal effort. Two
modular, identical half-shells are
brought together and two side-clips are
fixed into place in order to prevent
them accidentally separating when the
cement mix is poured in.

The Elcometer 190 standardised cube
mould is manufactured out of rigid
plastic and generates precise cubic
test samples of 150mm (5.9”)

Each Elcometer 190 is supplied in a kit
which contains 6 moulds, 6 side-clip
pairs and 2 tamping rods.
Elcometer 190 Quick Beton® Concrete Cube
Compression Test Mould
At a glance

Low cost, simple and time
saving method for the
manufacture of samples for
concrete compression &
quality control tests.

Easy to assemble and breakdown - you do not need any tools for mounting the mould, no compressed
air or chemical products to extract the sample – simply slide the side-clips away and remove the concrete

Cost & time saving - as the concrete sample manufactured with the Elcometer 190 has all the
geometrical and physical specifications required to comply with the dimensional tolerances specified by
UNI EN 12390-1:2002, there is no need to grind the surface of the cubes to get the end faces flat and

A fully recyclable product - can be re-used at least 15 times

Immediate mould marking - print your test reference information on the cube (concrete manufacturer,
project name, etc.) – as early as immediately after pouring.