This is a webquest on Genetic Technology – covered in Chapter 13 ...


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This is a webquest on Genetic Technology

covered in Chapter 13 of your textbook.

by Tara Everly, St. Mary's Ryken High School

The goal of the webquest

is to have you research various genetic engineering tools. Upon completion of the
research, you will review each case scenario and explain the pos
tive and/or negative implications of the


The manipulation of the genetic code has b
oth positive and negative consequences.

Cracking the DNA code
has opened up a wide range of ethical, moral, and scientific issues that must be evaluated to insure proper use
of the information.

For example:
Is it morally acceptable to clone a hu
man? a mouse?

What are the dangers and
benefits of using genetically modified organisms?

What are the religious and ethical disagreements about
embryonic stem cell research?

These are just a few questions that arise from the manipulation of DNA.

You wi
ll click on the link below (or type it into your browser) and research the various implications and
technology associated with genetic engineering.

After you have research all of the topics, you will respond to ALL 4 case studies (the site suggests you
ose one, however for this class you will complete background and support or refute each case.

You may submit your answers in class by Thursday, April 5

or by email NLT 11:59pm on Thursday,
April 5
! No late work will be accepted.