Breakdown of Fukuyama


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Breakdown of Fukuyama’s “Genetic Engineering”

Fukuyama outlines the possibilities of genetic engineering vs. the moral repercussions of genetic


Fukuyama credits the completion of the Human Genome Project as the basis for success in human

genetic engineering.


Fukuyama describes the uses of genetic altering in botany. He gives the specific examples of Bt corn

the Roundup Soybean which are immune to herbicides due to genetic engineering.

Fukuyama describes the uses of genetic engineer
ing on humans. He describes the “designer baby”, a

baby that has been genetically altered to express desirable phenotypes.

Fukyama describes the problems facing genetic engineering including the uncertainty of what genetic

Engineering would do to the

human race.

Fukuyama states that genetic engineering is relatively unknown, so th
e effects could be detrimental.

Fukuyama believes that the boundaries of genetic engineering will continue to be pushed regardless of

Implications it brings

Fukuyama be
lieves that if genetic engineering of humans becomes widespread, then human society

will be negatively shifted.