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Raleigh Council of Religious

November 16, 2012 Meeting



Sr. Barbara Marie; followed by lunch


Attendance… Srs. Barbara Marie Cady, Shirley Simpson, Mary Agnes Ryan, Joanna
Walsh, Chris Gellings, Laura Downing, Mary Ann Czaja, Ruth Perl, Carol
Loughney, Mary
Jean Korejwo

Excused: Msgr. Jerry Sherba, Srs. Kieran Williams, Theresine Gildea


Evaluation of the “Overnite” and “Appreciation Day …. 12 sisters responded to the email
asking for an evaluation and suggestions for changes.

… What we liked
the best? Friday evening program: Small group discussion; chance to
get to know each other better; having the discussion questions beforehand; room
tions; evening meal and service; placing the sharing between the entre and
the dessert. Saturday mo
rning: Mass with blessing of the Council; honest, open
discussion with the Bishop; wonderful meal and

for lunch.

….Suggestions for the future: if group is small have only one discussion group; have all in
the same building if possible.

…Two Sisters w
ho could not attend responded … one was ill; and one cannot come on a

***Check to see if the Hilton is available for 2014(Sept. 26

Cost was about the same as
2012, but number of Sisters was



Catholic Convocation ….

… we were delighte
d with our table location

… “thank you” to Sr. Laura for storing materials; Sr. Rose for setting up the table

… “Prayer Cards” were good; several people came to see if the “woman” they had last
year was still in formation; only half the Communities turned
in names

….we need to update the pictures before next year; Sr. Mary Jean will do this with Sr.

…we raised the question of most speakers being “from within Diocese”. Sr. Mary Agnes
and Sr. Laura will take this questions to the Convocation committee.


Celebration of Consecrated Life and Jubilee … Feb. 2, 2013

…at the suggestion of Srs. Mary Agnes and Kieran, we discussed whether to keep this
event as a “
Community Event to which the Bishop is invited”(“community” here
means a particular group
of people) or a “Diocesan Event”. We reached the decision
that we wanted the event to remain a “Community Event” to enable us to still have “a
feminine touch” on the event through the invitation and the Mass.

…further responsibilities for Feb. 2



Srs. Kieran and Mary Agnes; Flowers

Ruth; Invitations(creation, pri


Sr. Mary Jean.

…Ideas for publicity 2012,2013: Blurb for parish bulletin

pulpit announcement.

Decided not to do this.

…Intercession for the Prayers of the

Faithful(weekend of 2/2); will ask Sr. Mary Agnes to
do this.

…Electronic information for 2013: send to: Dr. Mike Fedewa, Campus Ministers at
Universities; Catholic School Principals, especially Cardinal Gibbons, Pope John Paul II,
St. Thomas More Academy
; Sr. Rose: all Faith formation Directors; Rob Jones: Young
ults; Cathe
rine Angulo & Ricardo: Youth Ministers; Bea Callery: lay singles

…January NC Catholic: article and electronic form of invitation
; Sr. Barbara Marie will ask
the Bishop if he will in
clude it in his letter in the January NC Catholic.

…Next Year: a poster with pictures and names of religious in the diocese(similar to one
of seminarians(Need to discuss this with Bishop Burbidge.)


Election Committee

Sr. Shirley will leave the committee

after the first meeting in
February; Sr. Evie

join the committee. Since we officially began elections in 2009,
present members up for election are eligible for one more term. Committee
will need to
look at what happens with members who began with a
1 year term. Should they serve 5
or 6 or 7. Suggestions was that they serve 6 which allows for a change every year.


Retirement Talks … Thanks to Sr. Anne for her work again. Thanks to all who are giving
talks. Suggestion was given to include some of our “
renewal” after Vatican II since this is
the anniversary. Ideas are available from Sr. Mary Jean at

anyone who would like them as you prepare for your presentation.


Christmas “thank you’s”
will be provided on behalf of the sisters to those who assist us
all year: Bishop Burbid
ge, Msgr. Jerry, Sara Edwards,
Mary Dudas, Richard Reese, Chuck
Hilliard, Gerard Hall, Margie Rybarczyk. If you have any others you think should be
included, please ema
il Sr. Barbara Marie at

. We will also remember
Bishop Gossman.


Sr. Joanna will send out emails about several speaker offering

at Duke.


Interim activities(between meetings): Get well gifts sent to Msg
r. Jerry, Ms. Theresa
Davis, Sr. Rita Finnen
, Sr. Theresine Gildea. Flowers were sent for the funeral of Msgr.

A congratulatory card was sent to Bishop Burbidge in recognition of his new


Challenge from our meeting with Bishop
Burbidge ….”To suggest a forum that would
allow for the expression of diverse ideas and opinions that is safe and non
hostile.” We
began discussion, but time ran out. This will be our major discussion at the Feb. 14

meeting. Mike D’Ercole

il also be pre
sent to discuss

the Diocesan Budget.


Next Meeting: Feb. 14, 2013 Backyard Bistro 12:15 lunch, meeting 1