Business Proposal

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Christian Gregertsen

Business Proposal

Business Description:

VXGaming LLC (Virtual Exchange Gaming) is a software development company based out of Atlanta,


plans to revolutionize gaming by developing a “Pay to Play Platform” (PPP) for an existing First
Person Shooter. This platform consists of two
vital parts; the public int
erface and the core technology.

The public interface will be a social networking web
) where players
can create an account with VXGaming. Through the public interface they will be able to keep track of all games
they have played with detailed statistics for each game

uding their wins and losses
They will also be able to
communicate with other players.
While the platform is primarily designed for Pay To Play there will also be free
servers where gamers can try out the platform and make sure they are comfortable with it
. One of the key
features of the VXGaming system will be the EvenMatch system that will automatically match up players of
similar skill making the experience more fun and challenging.

The core technology is the software that runs the gaming servers. It wi
ll be written in C++ and
developed with portability in mind. The goal is to eventually have the VXGaming platform power a multitude of
online games and setting a new standard in online gaming.

VXGaming will make its money by charging a 10% commission on

each game played. For example of 20
players are playing a $10/game. The total pot will be $200, the winner will take $180 while VXGaming collects
the $20 com


The target market for VXGaming is gamers

35 who already play First Person Shooters. They are
already doing something they enjoy, and by adding a bit of stake

to what they are already doing we are certain
they will have even more fun.

Our primary advertising will be through computer gaming mag
azines, these
include but are not limited to: GameInformer, GamePro and Electronic Gaming Monthly.

We also plan to run
vertisements on MTV and SpikeTV.

Currently VXGaming does not have any direct competition. While Project Entropia from MindArk and
ondLife from Linden Software follow a similar business model, their games are not only completely different,
but their demographic as well.

We cater to the competiti
ve player who wants to enhance existing game play,
while they operate virtual words. Howeve
r, since both those companies operate with virtual economies and are
quite successful the VXGaming business model has already proven itself.


Aake Christian Gregertsen

President/Founder/CEO (Valedictorian Graduate from Game


and Develop

Science and Entertainment Business Master of Science)

Person B

Vice President (5 years experience in an executive position at a game development

Person C

Lead Programmer (5 years experience as a

programmer at a game development

Person D

Lead Artist (5 years experience as an artist at a game development company)

erson E

Lead Web Developer (10 years experience as a web developer with extensive knowledge
in Adobe CS, PHP, SQL, RU
BY, XML, Flash, AJAX, and Perl)

6. 4 C++ Programmers

Programmers with at least 3 years of experience working for a software
development company.


will be seeking $1
for initial development

(750k from VC, 250
k from founder).

money will be used

to pay employee salaries, rent office space, and acquire the necessary computer equipment
and software

to develop a working product

After developing a working product VXMarket will be seeking a
second round of founding in order to

purchase the hardware to run our game servers, employ customer support
staff and pay for marketing costs
until the company starts to make a