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The Cold War Fallout Shelter Project

2 Quiz Grades


Objective: To
understand the many fears average Americans experienced during the Cold War by building your
very own fallout shelter.

The Scenario: You have received word that the Soviet Union is bombing the U.S. tomorrow. There is nothing our
government can do about
it. Nuclear Holocaust on the way! You have built a fall out shelter and have stocked it
with clothing, water, and bunk beds. But there is only time to grab 5 more things. What do you take?

a shelter to protect occupants from the fall
out from an atomic bomb



You will work in groups of 2 or 3.


Obtain a shoebox.


Create an inventory list of things needed to sustain life in the shelter.


Build the shoebox into a fallout shelter that woul
d protect you and your partner(s) during the Cold War.



Shelter Blueprints (one classwork grade)


Create a layout on a blank white piece of paper of your fallout shelter. Make it filled with things
you can create.


Shoebox requirements (first

quiz grade)


Creativity, creativity, creativity.


Figures that represent group members.


Reflects the 1950s.


At least three things per person from your inventory list (see below) in miniature versions.


Fallout shelter inventory sheet (second quiz grade)


s is your list of things that you are taking into the shelter.


You must include one form of 1950s entertainment. And one food that you will eat for however
long you need that

will not go bad.

Each person in your group must come up with 5 different
al items.


For each item write a very brief explanation of the purpose that it serves for you in the fallout
shelter. Think about the time period and why it might be helpful to survive in the shelter or when
you come out of the shelter in the future.



Keep in mind the time period (the 1950s). You can’t bring your xbox with you, obviously.


Plan to be very creative and build miniature things to put in the fallout shelter.


Keep everything appropriate.

Grading Rubric


All components filled in
with thorough info; assignment is very creatively done;
assignment is neatly organized; presentation demonstrates understanding of topic.


All components are filled in with good info; assignment is creatively done; assignment has
good organization; pre
sentation demonstrates understanding of topic.


All components are filled in; assignment is somewhat creatively done; assignment is mostly
organized; presentation demonstrates some understanding of topic.


Not all components completed; assignment
not very creative; assignment is not organized
well; presentation demonstrates incomplete understanding of topic.


More than one component missing; assignment lacks creativity; assignment is lacking all
organization; not much understanding demonstrated

in presentation.


Mostly incomplete.