Market Participant Data Access


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Market Participant Data Access


Market Participant Data Access

Jan 22 2008

Stephen Kerr

Market Participant Data Access



Market Participant Data Access

External Interface Specification

MIS External Interface Specification

Market Participant Data Access


Market Participant Data Access Overview

MP’s have multiple methods to access ERCOT data

External web services for machine to machine interactions

MIS for user interaction

The MP Data Access booklet has been updated (from April 07)

Substantially complete Nodal Data Services Master List

Substantially completed External Interface Specification

Substantially complete MIS External Interface Specification

Market Participant Data Access


There are three ways for machines to access ERCOT’s data

The External Interface Specification
describes all of the data services
available through web services

The second method is to retrieve
extracts that are also available on the
MIS through a single “getReport” web

The MIS External Interface Specification

Originally intended to support MIS
dashboards only

The web services are also useful for
MPs and will be exposed in exactly the
same way as the External Interface
Specification i.e. web services.

Market Participant Data Access


There are three ways for users to access ERCOT’s data

The MIS provides users with
a view of reports and
extracts as well as a method
for downloading the reports
and extracts

Each application displays
its user interface through
the MIS

Some applications allow for
upload and download of

Market Participant Data Access


Reviewing and changing the data services lists

Nodal Data Services Master List

References all interactions outside of user interfaces, including the
External Interface Specification and MIS External Interface Specification

Contain extracts, downloads, web services, real
time reports

Updated weekly and loaded to

Should be reviewed for completeness and access methods

External Interface Specification

Published for review and approval every 2 months approximately

Changes communicated through monthly TPTF reviews

MIS External Interface Specification

Never been published for review and approval

Will be treated as the External Interface Specification

Market Participant Data Access


External Interface Specification

Outage interfaces are the biggest new element in the external interface

Version 1.07 in review, all received comments will be incorporated in 1.08

Key string composition for Outage mRIDs

PriceCurve multi
hour block

Explanations for OutageIdent, OutageWarning, LastModifiedby, LastModified,
versionID, groupID, OutageNotes

Difference between newSchedule and Schedule

Currently all machine interfaces use the web. ERCOT will test machine
interfaces on the WAN this year but there is no published plan yet

We are adding an enhancement called chunking that will allow multi

SCED active contingency information

will be:

the contingencies that have created initial constraint violations as calculated by
EMS and as passed to the MMS.

MMS already provides us with capability
(staging tables/reports) to capture these contingencies.

the contingencies that have been de
selected at the EMS side

Market Participant Data Access


MIS External Interface Specification

Version 0.35 in review, all received comments will be included in 1.0

Frequency of update of WGRPP and frequency of access

WGRPP resource name

MIS services are additional to existing External Interfaces (sortBy, Role, Category) with different

Ancillary Service types will be made consistent between the two specifications

Complete set of new services

Weather Data

List of Zones, Hubs, or Buses

System Control Error


Responsive Reserve Capacity

Spinning Reserve

Undeployed Reg
Up and Reg

Available Capacity

Powered Generation Resource Production Potential

Term Wind Power Forecast

Dynamic ratings deviation adjusted for the current temperature

Average monthly Dynamic deviation

Total ERCOT Load

Total ERCOT Generation

Total ERCOT Generation Operating Reserve

MIR Get Report List

RRS Deployment Instruction for non
controllable load resources

Market Participant Data Access


Services defined in the External Interface Specification

Three Part Offer

Incremental/Decremental Offers

Current Operating Plan

Output Schedule

Bid Set Acceptance

Bid Set Errors

Get mRID

System Status

Self Arranged Ancillary Services (AS)

Ancillary Services Offer

Ancillary Services Trade

DAM Energy Bid

DAM Energy Only Offer

Forecasted Load

Time System Load

Market LMPs and SPPs

Mitigated Curves

Outage Creation

Congestion Revenue Rights

PTP Obligation Bid

Self Schedule

Total Regulation

Load Ratio Share

Unit Availability

Startup and Shutdown Instructions

Proxy Curves

Notices and Alerts

CRR Awards

Outage Notifications

Capacity Trade

DC Tie Schedule

Energy Trade

Get AwardSet

Market MCPCs

Ancillary Service Schedule Obligations

Load Distribution Factors

Customer Load Profile

Energy Offer Awards

PTP Obligation Awards

Market Totals

Binding Constraints

Active Contingencies in SCED

Voltage Profiles

Competitive Constraints

Shift Factors

Ancillary Service System Plan

Pending Trade

Energy Only Offer Awards

Energy Bid Award

Ancillary Service Awards

Dynamic Ratings

Aggregated Ancillary Service Offer Curves

Total Ancillary Service Offers

Total DAM Energy/ total Energy

Derated CRRs

Alert Acknowledgement

Outage Query

Outage Cancellation