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Institute for Electron Microscopy and Fine Structure Research
Centre for Electron Microscopy Graz
Semiconductor device
Cross-section of a Semiconductor device
EFTEM Elemental distribution map (red=Ti, green=N, blue=O) recorded with a transmission electron microscope.
Probe: austriamicrosystemsAG, Unterpremstätten
The research activities of the institute are focused on the development of novel methods for microscopic investigation
and preparation for micro- and nano-analysis of materials, devices and biological substances via electron microscopy and
related microscopy-based methods.
The infrastructure of the institute features the most powerful electron microscopes available in Austria.
The close collaboration within the research cluster has enabled the development of a facility that is unique in Austria,
characterized by a high level of multidisciplinarity and the close association between basic and applied, economically
relevant research. National and international cooperations with leading research facilities ensure the high level of our
research activities.
Presently, 53 employees of the research cluster are working in following fields: Micron-scale analysis
In-situ electron microscopy
Nanostructuring of devices