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Center for Technology Innovation
The Center for Technology Innovation

(CTI) was established in 2000 at the University
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Wisconsin Distinguished Professor in the MIS
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Center for Technology Innovation
P.O. Box 742
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Friday, February 3, 2006
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
UWM Business School
Room N146
UWM Campus
a full-day seminar
Chris Shiflett

A special $115 discounted rate is

available for UWM MIS Alumni.
He is also the author of the
HTTP Developer’s
(Sams) as well as the critically
Essential PHP Security
Dr. Vance Wilson, Assistant Professor of
Management Information Systems at the
School of Business Administration, University
of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will coordinate this
Additional Workshop Information can be found
This workshop will focus on the PHP
programming language and its evolution from
a set of tools used for personal home page
development to the world's most popular web
programming language. The morning sessions
will introduce PHP, including its history, its
future, and its philosophy. The afternoon
session is more technical and will cover secure
programming practices with PHP.
PHP Overview
Despite being more than a decade old, PHP
has been gaining a great deal of attention in
the past year within the enterprise business
community as an emerging technology. This
session covers PHP’s history and brings
you up to speed with PHP as a leading web
programming language and platform. You will
learn how PHP works, how it fits into the web
paradigm, and a few of the reasons for PHP’s
impressive growth.
"The PHP Way"
Java and .NET have long held important roles
within the enterprise business community.
However, the big technology companies such
as Yahoo, Amazon, and Google have been
using other technologies to build their critical
applications. Web 2.0 companies such as del., Flickr, and Technorati are all built with
PHP and other open source tools. This session
covers “the PHP way” of solving problems and
why this simple and direct approach has been
so successful.
Web Application Security
One of the common criticisms of PHP is that
it is not secure. Although this reputation
is undeserved, it is important to realize
that PHP is very flexible and powerful. With
great power comes great responsibility.
This session covers the young and evolving
discipline of web application security. You
will see how many of the most common and
dangerous attacks work and what safeguards
you can implement to help protect your PHP
applications from them.
The morning sessions (PHP Overview and
"The PHP Way") are appropriate for anyone
interested in PHP. The topics covered are
general and descriptive. The afternoon
session, however, is more technical and
targets web programmers and anyone
interested in learning more about web
application security.
Chris Shiflett is the founder and president of
Brain Bulb, a PHP consultancy that offers a
variety of services to clients around the world.
Chris, a leader in the PHP community, is the
founder of the PHP Security Consortium, the
founder of, a member of
the Zend PHP Advisory Board, and an author
of the Zend PHP Certification.
A prolific writer, Chris has regular columns
in both
PHP Magazine
Center for Technology Innovation • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Business Administration
Web Development with PHP
Chris Shiflett
Web Development with PHP
Friday, February 3, 2006 — 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. — UWM Business School, Room N146
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