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Welcome everybody! This is Dr. Sharon Rasa. I am so happy to be with you tonight. I hope
you listen comfortably in your easy chairs and don’t worry about having to memorise or
remember everything what I say because this is recorded and we are going to just

let this
information sit with you, keep with you so that you will be able to review it again. This
technology is probably new to many of us and iv e been working with it for just a little while
and I hopefully won’t have too many questions but if we’ll d
o, we‘ll just work through it. So
here I am, I am in my office in New Jersey and one of the questions just came to my mind
that why did I do rasa help? Why did I ever create this site? I wanted to give you a little
background something like you can kind of

understand. One of the things that I ve noticed
has changed in the past year of my practice that we ve got many calls. Calls every day were
people are asking for information and they are really pleading for help and everybody has a
story, many many people

have lost their jobs, some of them have been victims of flooding
or hurricane and many other scenarios. And when I go to sleep at night, I sit there and I go
like whom I helped and what did I learn. And I feel like that there was more I could help,
more t
hat I could reach and I can say that in my own practice. And many people can’t even
afford the fees to come in and get the thing cured they need. So Rasa help is here to
hopefully serve this need and reach people. It won’t be always me speaking and we have

many tele seminars planned where many some of my colleagues and peers many experts
who have so much information on so many important topics.

So since many of these people can’t come to us we are gonna take you to them. We are
gonna got to your living roo
m, your offices, churches, community centres. And the next
question is why the name, why the name Rasa help? Well although I am Italian it turns out
Rasa is a Sanskrit word. Rasa in Sanskrit means essence. And when I looked up essence in
the dictionary it
says essence is defined that what makes something that what it is.
Intrinsic, fundamental nature or most important quality. Essential being. I thought wow, my
whole life is been dedicated to understanding the intrinsic, fundamental nature of helping
and h
ealing. So Rasa help is dedicated to this understanding.

And tonight you are here to learn about seven simple steps, a makeover without medicine.
So let me be clear. We are very grateful to trauma units, emergency room doctors, and
medicines that when used

appropriately, save life. But we also know, the statistics tell us
that the United States has more medical, surgical procedures done than any other country.
In fact four times more. These procedures are so expensive and well over 80% of these
medical cond
itions are preventable by changing our lifestyles. And what’s incoming baby
boomers to the health care system and Medicare, the financial burden will increase
dramatically. There s many wonderful people we have been talking about encouraging us to
find our

purpose and live our purpose. So in some small way is Rasa help and each of us can
begin to understand healthcare from this new model and you know what, each of us can
help not only in our own life, our family life, but help to decrease the financial burd
en on
the United States.

So let’s get started. The seven steps and we ll be going through them, but sometimes I
listen to it like what are the steps, what are the steps? The seven steps are actually
comprised of a model that I use called “the five levels
of Health and Healing”. And we are
going to look closely at that model. The first five steps actually come from that model and
we call the first step as the physical body, the second step is the energy body, the third step
is the mental, the fourth is the
informational, fifth is the consciousness level and the sixth
step is actually we going to learn tonight is how to assess each of these levels for yourself.
And the seventh step is taking action. I just put the slide up because I just want to give you
sense I am sure you see this, make sure you get the slide up. These are some of the
blocks you see, browse on the book store, talking about radical medicine something even
called whole body dentistry... I have to work very closely with what we call a biolo
dentist and many people don’t even realise that teeth are connected to the rest of the body
and while you work with the whole body dentist, a whole or a biologic dentist they
understand this connection. So when they do the drilling or the filling, th
ey are actually
concerned about every aspect of it. If the material is bio compatible for you, one of these
things we do at my office is many often we find that the patient is allergic to the dental
material that are just used in their mouth. So just to m
ake that point that if you are looking
for dentist, seek someone out there who can understand this philosophy, certainly if they
are still using those fillings, just run out of there.

We have heard so much about detoxification, I am going to talk a little

bit about that
tonight, When I look to this book “ Detox Fire Dive “ because basically that’s it
detoxification is essential to each and every one of us. What’s important to know is that the
mechanisms for detoxification, well by a chemistry might be the

same, each of us is unique
in biochemistry so one for one person they may be able to expose the toxins and their
body is working properly and they are able to excrete them. For other people that aint
exposed to the toxins and not what we call good excret
ors. It’s not just about detoxifying,
its understanding how and what and why.

I am going to talk to you about 2 different models for healthcare. We are going to look first
at the model where most of you are familiar, what we do in first year medicine. And
for all
of those of us who have gone through doctor, whether its chiropractors or certainly medical
doctors or naturopathy, we each get the same four years of science and anatomy
physiology. Where we differ are chiropractic techniques or medical doctors le
arnt about
oncology. So it’s incumbent upon all of to learn about the periodic table. We know that
elements come together to create atoms, atoms come together to create compound,
compounds come together to create molecules, molecules come together to creat
e cells.
Cells come together to create tissues. Tissues come together to create things like your
muscular skeletal system or our nervous system. And one thing medicine, we used to go to
the doctor for, each doctor has their own speciality, so you go to gas
trologist or
pulmonogist or endocrinologist or any of the

ologist because each of them have their own
specialty. But what you miss in there is that you miss the harmony of the whole, of the
entire system. It’s like if you want to go to a concert and if yo
u just listen to the violin or just
listens to the trumpet that are beautiful by them but when you put them together,
something else emerges out of it. And frankly, that’s what we found all have been missing
in first year medicine. A different way of looki
ng at the body is through what we think of it
as eastern medicine. My earliest training in healthcare actually started with this model. This
system is the oldest system of healing on the planet. You might know it as the ayurvedic
medicine or traditional me
dicine or Chinese medicine or acupunctures. When we think
about how acupuncture knows where to place the needle, they do it through the meridian
system. Each one of these meridian are connected to the organ. Interestingly each one of
the meridian system is

also connected to a tube. So in Eastern medicine it is not about
diagnosis. They really not interested in whether you call it diabetes or lung disease or
cancer. It’s not only about treating the condition; they are going to treat the energy system.
And fo
r them it’s all about, I should say for us its also one of the ways that i assess a patient
is according to this model. It’s all about balancing the system. So after practising for 25
years I can tell you that it snot and either or it’s actually a place fo
r all and that’s really I am
hoping to accomplish tonight is that if you walk away from it, it absolutely nothing else
tonight, that will expand your views and understanding when you look at the body. You
have to look beyond the physical. I love this pictu
re because this is done by, an image or
painting done by Alex Gray and this image shows that we are connected to everything. And
that’s really important because when there is a war in Afghanistan or a flood in another
part of the world at some level maybe
we can fully understand it by tonight may be a little
better, inside we are talking about the informational level, truly informational level,
accessed through our hearts, we actually have a sense may be of any loss, may be
destruction or the philosophy of
joy. As many of us sat, I mean I am still very much of a girl
when Princess Kate and Prince William got married, I was up, 4 o’ clock in the morning,
sitting down the floor in front of the TV and so that next three hours I ll emerge myself in
the joy and t
he majesty, don’t we just love that kind of romantic story. This is like you can
take a minute and look at this structure, what’s that saying, I hope all of you can see it, But
its telling which of the meridian is actually every teeth connected to? And it’
s also telling
you what the emotions that might be connected to it are? And it has been very interesting
in my practice as I worked with Dr. Oris it’s not uncommon for all a women who had breast
cancer, Two of them had root canal or a infected tooth enamel
. It’s actually quite
astonishing how often a patient would come in and have had left breast cancer and we
could only wish we wish those patients who come before me can deal with the teeth
infections to tooth infections first. But many people are quite sur
prised by this it’s getting
out more and more about showing them the claim rule book.

The fifth chart is what we call the five levels of help and healing. The big infinity sign that
you see is I could make that dynamic, that I could make in a flash moment.

You will see the
energy flows through each and every level and all of us exist in all each level of time. So
let’s talk about actually what these five levels actually mean and how you can use it.

From the very first level what we call as the physical leve
l and you experience this level
through your five senses. You might know it through some other things like drugs or
surgery or physical therapy how we are treated at that level. There are natural laws that
govern each one of the level and on the first leve
l this is governed by the basic laws of
gravitational force. Things that happen on the first level happen very slowly. They are
definitely governed by time so think about it how often you go to the doctor and the doctor
say: well you know I can suspect tha
t something’s here but come back in six months and we
all check it while because they know that they need more time to see if the tumour mass is
growing to grow or something’s is going to change in your biochemistry or not so that the
labs can now pick it
up. That’s not the thing we have to see it now. This is our five levels of
help and healing , as you can see down near the bottom, the infinity sign we talked about
how each of us are moving through these five steps all the time. In fact we are in all the
steps at every moment. We ll talk a little bit about the first moment how you experience or
we experience it through our five senses. The various signs in this level are chemistry or
allopathy medicine or conventional medicine. The diagnostic method i
s to accepting
through scanner or imaging and our related medical treatment might be through
detoxification, physical therapy. It’s important to know about the first level but each of
these levels has its own natural laws.

The first level is governed by g
ravity. It’s full of laws. It’s governed by time and space. So
when the doctor says to you we can’t say anything right now, come back in six months, it’s
because you are waiting for time to evolve. I want to mention here something about lab
test. Many peop
le would come and say that my labs are all normal, the doctor would say
everything s fine but how come I feel so poorly, you have to remember that there are still a
lot of errors in lab testing. Many settings are done where if we take blood samples to four

different labs we would get four different results. So its still human errors, it’s sensitive
where some labs are just still better than others, and one of the ways we do look at the lab
tests in my office is just something called functional medicine whic
h is in many different
ranges and looks at the function of the body. It looks at the trends and ratios and patterns
and needs a lot of insight.

Moving up to the second level we call this as the energy body or the electromagnetic body.
Think about it. We a
re feelings and emotion. Don’t get carried away when many people will
say, emotion is energy in motion and what is the anatomical conceptional design for it? It’s
the nervous system, it’s the meridians, and it’s the structure you are deeply connected to
r feelings and emotions. Some of the tools which we use to measure the energy of a
body that you might be familiar with are EEG EKG EMG. You may not be familiar with the
tools of anatomical science testing, that happens to be a tool I use in my office, or
physiology or dermal screening or even taking the pulse timing is measuring the energy
potential in the body.

We going to move a little bit up on the ladder to the mental level. The mental level begins
to move on the new dynamic which move away from the f
orces of gravity, we are trying to
move more towards the quantum of physics. This is the level where we build our attitudes
and thoughts. I ve been working very closely with Dr. Nancy who specializes in something
called emotional technique and its not a th
erapy its identified as what is that event that
happens in your life that every time you remember it there s a triggered response on your
neurological system. It’s constantly stressing you.

The informational level. When I think about the informational lev
el first of all most people
will be like what the heck is that, doesn’t even make any sense to me. So close your eyes
and imagine a fish in a fish tank. And the caption says water? I have no idea what water is.
Well that’s the same thing as information. H
ere we are having a sea of information. Who
are being influenced by many subtle ways and wonderful ways to be able to work with it?
This is what the quantum of physics has been teaching us. Energy! We know that energy
can’t be created nor destroyed. So we
can access what we proceed as past or future event
through this informational round. We ll talk a little bit of that.

And then the next level is consciousness. You might know what bliss in terms of God is.
Muscle are very sensitive to each person and how
they practice. Don’t be turned off but
that term God means different things to different people. But I think also must be probably
is a great thing to all of us.

So we looked here at the physical level and we said that this level is actually made up of
o parts. The first level is physical body and broken into two components, the structural
body and biochemical body. It’s like identical what we feel, hear and taste and ends at the
skin and what we precede are at the five senses. The electromagnetic level
we talk about is
in order to be happy what we want to do is fill that reserve.

What you seeing here is a picture of what we call is body cavity. Now who work out with a
turkey or a chicken, when you go in that area you pull out the organs deep into the ca
And of course in order to take out our brain and our calves or lungs you ll find the
abdominal; cavity and the pelvic cavity. For understanding the energy reserve this is
actually where we store energy so when we think o we got our second link what w
e actually
doing is we are beginning to tap into those reserves, deposit it into those cavities we r not
going to able to make any withdrawals. What are some of the things that aspect the
electromagnetic energy body and it is for those who are involved in
alternative holistic
medicine, electro smug, we are under constant bombardment? Now we are totally exposed
to the wifi and cell phones and micro phones tablets and we are all walking around these
gadgets and I phones and it goes on and on but we must remem
ber that each of us in it
have electromagnetic fields. But unfortunately what we are discovering is that EMF i.e.
electromagnetic fields are creating dissonance to our own electromagnetic fields and we
need to minimise and protect ourselves from these. So
what are the things we can do to
store more energy into these deposits? Things like thai chi. Chi gam, toning and chanting
and singing, breast therapy is wonderful, color therapy and light therapy, music therapy,
feeling our holdingness, working with the f
amily system and ofcourse forgiveness.

One of the tools that I use in my office everyday is called the heart rate reliability and it
basically gives me a window into the autonomic nervous system. It tells me how much
reserve these patients have? The inform
ation looks rather conflicting. I recently had a
cancer patient and rather suspected that energy cell would have been very depleted. I was
really quite confused .The diagnosis was telling me something but the heart reliability was
telling me something diff
erent. When I spoke with the patient, when i discovered that this
patient has a bootage. And spends hours a day toning and chanting and he was really
helping himself from going down a slippery slope. So take a note of this and action steps
that come later
assessing yourself at the second level or the energy level, ask yourself, can
you, have you, applied any of these, have any of them or would like to use?

We move up to the mental level. This is the level of our beliefs, our attitude and our
thoughts; we a
ctually record all of life events, movie ever seen. Any smell, any paper you ve
read, anything for your whole life. This is from my husband because many a times i can’t
watch horror movies. Some people absolutely love them but for whatever reason they

The spine of mine, the power attacks me so energetically I am so uncomfortable while i
watch them but I do understand that we are a combination of all these events in our lives
so I suggest in order to if you really want to be healthy why not be sel
ective about what we
are exposing ourselves to. If there are sets on your wall and when you look at them if it’s
not moving you, if it’s not depositing energy into your cavities and you are acting more of a
withdrawal, take it off. Change it out

Perhaps s
ome of you are familiar with Dr. Amodo I am sure he will go down and has been
one of the leading people but he has brought out understanding of thought. Basically what
he did wad he examined water under a very fine microscope. he looked at the water, pre
reezing it and post

freezing it what he would do is he would expose the water to
different thoughts and you can see the image of the water on the last that was the water
before it was worked with an then he freeze the water and take a very small sample o
f it
and when the water will expose to nurturing words , kind words, at certain frequencies the
water would start to form those beautiful magnetic magnificent clusters and why this is so
important to us that our bodies are 98% water. And someone may come t
o you and may go
“i love you” there is resonant shift in your body to these beautiful crystals. And if you are in
a supermarket and you happen to hear a guy a murmur you ll say, you are so stupid why
are you doing this well there s equal resonant shift in
that child’s body. And so many of us
have to deal with somebody’s woundedness of these vibrational tone we have been
affected to at our early years.

I put this site up because we also want to understand that there is what we call a physo
moral connection
. That means that our thoughts are psychology influences neurology, just
as we spoke. And these are some of the common things that we know are true or just as we
see as a common sense. But it can be so that people who have arthritis, people think that
y are loved, they have issues around criticisms or resentment. What’s anxiety, People
who have issues of not trusting the flow of the process like insomnia is not also trusting the
process of like might be guilt issues that need to be worked with. The live
r is the seed of
anger and primitive emotions. And net problem is refusing the other side of the question,
stubbornness and flexibility. So when we ll be doing your assessment later, just kind of
notice that where do you fit in here? And it might give you
a trivelic thought that
unreserved trauma that is meaning to be worked with.

This slide actually came from my dear friend Dr. Nancy and she gave us some ideas about
some tools which we can use while working at the fifth level. We just sat for the
dgement of the issue itself. Its kind of I remember growing up with five children
and my family and there was lot of teasing going on and there was always a scary old
monster who lived under the bed and it wasn’t until my mother would come into the room
d put the light on and make me go down under the bed and see that there was really no
monster under the bed. And it’s really important to acknowledge the issue. Because you
know if there is friction if there is tension, speak it and make it all clear to ta
lk about it. Also
just realise that we all of us are going through this at different times of life. So you can find
comfort by sharing each other s experiences. And yes it does require to being honest with
you. And being honest with yourself means not anae
sthetising yourself so while we allow
ourselves to process with the pain and deal with the feelings and some people get great
results by just journaling, by just spending time in stillness, and finding time and taking care
of yourselves. And of course wo
rking with an expert is always a great tool, especially if you
find the right person.

Now lets get up to the informational level. This is a very interesting level and you may not
understand it all tonight. But we are working at the level of quantum physic
s now. We have
moved way beyond biochemistry. It’s actually the related science for informational level is
quantum physics. How our experiences is through dreams and trance into a state or
meditation state, how we influence the state by the thing called in
formational medicine, or
what we call family constellation therapy. Because what we are finding was family system,
like if an event would have occurred three generations ago, and is still being reflected in the
child that’s being born today, to the parent
and to the child and through this work on the
informational level, and my good friend Dr. Douglous we are able to identify, what these
parents are and reframe them so that not only does the patient have these but the entire
family system can experience he
aling and now its pretty wonderful. Also what’s great about
working at this level is its beyond time and space so when many people will say, oh it was a
miracle, You know there it to much to what we are really understanding is to address the
issue at the l
evel. The condition can heal a moment because there is no time here. So think
about all the things that can go wrong with the information. I think i have a slide here.

Here s one slide that shows us, a blue print for how, I don’t care how much you want to

clone here , if your blue print is for ranch then you never going to get colonial. Dr. Russell
wants to talk about missing information. If somebody says: meet me tomorrow!

What’s missing? Where should I meet you? Meet you at broader park? Cuz if I know w
to meet you, now I know where to meet you. Better I can meet you there. This is also too
much or too little information. Cuz there are couple of things that going around like TMI,
too much information, we ve all experienced it. Or too little info. If
I told you to meet me at
Broder Park at 4 p.m I would have arrived there at 4 p.m. than at 2 p.m. so that’s an info of
TLI out of the information. If you show to the airport with the ticket that was for yesterday,
there s no way that you could use that tic
ket, cuz it’s out of date. Or wrongly timed info,
you show to the airport at that flight has like already left, it’s wrongly timed. The wrong
form of info, if you show up for the flight and you have a train ticket, you re not going
anywhere. And its not un
common in our bodies, information insuing and when we talk
about DNA. Coding, getting the proper sequence so there are ways that we can work with
information, yield and we can use it through energy, for many of those things that we have
talked about, such
as light and sound. This little book here is called “the coding of human
body field” it says that it has been a new science of informational medicine. Each of us, is
carrying in our body field all the events that has occurred in our body and when we have

now very sensitive tools with medical practitioners and people who are working at the
quantum level, its not uncommon for people who does psychic or has tools of rejuvenation
because the information exist cuz if you tuned into with that patient then you c
an pick up
that information. Think about it, if you are driving a car and you are tuned into FM you will
never be able to get what’s playing on stereo. that doesn’t mean that many other stations,
somebody must be listening to ultra but you listening to roc
k, all the information is
happening at the same time, for what are you tuned into.

Let me just sit you for a while, I find in communication is being disconnect cuz somebody s
tuned into FM and you tune into AM. its good to kind of take pause and say okay,

are you kind of understanding, and let me tell you what i am thinking, and as you talk
through it, we often realise that e s disconnect and when you give the person the missing
info or you correct the wrongly time info now we have true communicatio
n. Interesting
isn’t it?

So what has quantum physics discovered? Well the communication has not occurred like
that not giving many things but it was causing effect for grater or something far bigger
that’s happening. We now know that cells in DNA communic
ate with frequencies and that’s
why things like energy, healing with light and sound and acupuncture work. It actually
works at most natural level that our bodies can experience. The brain proceeds and makes
a record of the world.

A sub structure under our

universe that’s essentially a coding medium to everything
providing a means to everything to communicate, with everything else, people are
indivisible from their environment, we saw in that early picture that we looked at and living
consciousness is not a
n isolated entity, it increases order in the rest of the world. The
consciousness of a human being has incredible powers and that what makes us to move up
to the fifth level, the level of consciousness. There’s nothing really anything i can teach you

that what I mean to say is we are each define don our own place. For some of us it is
being in nature, for some of us its prayer, for some of us its gardening, for some its music.
What we know is those patients who are able to interact with the environmen
t with all the
challenges all of us have, whether its destruction challenge, whether it’s emotional
challenge, chemical challenge, those that have found an access, those are the ones who are
able to navigate the five levels as we saw here.

There is not rea
lly much we can do to change what’s going on in the financial world and or
how the government is functioning, Each of us can take personal responsibilities, and many
of us do, when the news of bombarding with images and life loss, life s changing all aroun
you, we need to be able to access a higher place. We need to be able to go and sit in the
isle of storm, otherwise we all begin to break down because if we allow ourselves to
become victim of things happening outside our world whether making a mortgage p
or your husband losing job or we just got a diagnosis, if you begin to focus our mat, that is
what is going to get amplified in your world, versus if we find our centring techniques, one
of the things I placed at my websites at
. Simply download it for free and it’s
interesting me that some of the little powerful things are most simple things like I share
with you a link there but it teaches you little techniques called tap and tab and when you
first watch it you going to say, th
is possibly works. Also I am telling to use it, use it, just start
using it, try using it when you are running away, when you stressed about your job
interviews, when you stressed about things, just start using it. You’ll begin to see that the
more you use

it you get comfortable with it and your body begins to get a new message.
Your body begins to act as its been seen, actually being heard. And this is we want to do;
we want to work with the bodies at the level that it communicates with us. If we are
iencing pain you can use that technique to tap out the meridian points and shut down
those signals, if you are experiencing emotional pain, use some of the tools we talked about
addressing the issue, speaking issue,. Its turning the light on in our world
and the
darkness.....My friend Dr. Always says that darkness cannot exist in presence of light, so if
there is darkness, just add more light.

I love this slide because I think many of us has experienced this, and it may be fleeting and
we may not always k
now how to get there, at the moment when you move beyond the
physical level, if you go to ted.com, there s a wonderful video there done by unanimous
after she did her stroke and what as wonderful was she was a very left brain person and she
never thought m
uch beyond the first two levels that is the physical level and
electromagnetic level and she went through this stroke and she was able to access different
parts of the brain. She now lives her life out of the higher level. And that’s what each of us
can do

as well

I put this little graphic up because I wanted you to see about how everyt6hing affects
everything. A physical chemistry can change with little electromagnetic fields. We have
talked about the stresses that an change because we are exposed to all
of this radiation
much much more than things that were there 20 years ago so we need find ways to shield
ourselves and check out some of the things like I always tell my patients is take your cell
phone out of the room at night in fact look of your room at

night. There really should be no
electronics in your bedroom. It’s not always easy to do but some of our realistic patients
like autistic children whose mom and dads turn the fuses off at the night so that these
children can actually have a sense of rest.

Our bodies are not getting to the state of rest to
these fields as a result of the bombarding taking place. Another thing we suggest is to take
the docking stations, cordless phones that are sitting on our kitchen counters, And they are
constantly leaking

out these frequencies, speaking out these frequencies. There are some
devices that are called diode that we can place on our cell phones but I am a big proponent
of just going digitally free going off the grid like something else called earthing and you c
go to earthing.com.

What’s interesting to me is that I knew intuitively even as a child, and you probably know it
too, doesn’t it feel great to walk on the beach, to walk on a earth, to be on shore, to be
unanimous, to hear the trees is on rocks, even t
hrough my own conditions throughout my
life, I had learned sometimes when I was really at my worst I would just go and lie on the
earth, on rock because this electron exchanged, now wouldn’t you know that someone
actually wrote a book called earthing, and
he s devised what we call as grounding pads,
even as I am sitting here talking to you on my computer, I have my feet on a grounding pad
which helps to stabilise and reduce my exposure. We have a grounding sheet we have it on
our bed so that at night my hu
sband and I can have a higher state of rest and one of the
things we see when we doing this in my office is that people were not able to access our
parasympathetic state.

We have two divisions, the parasympathetic and sympathetic. The sympathetic is
ofied, is what you need when you are on the job interview or someone fires but its
not when you are sleeping, when we need rest and when we relaxation. The challenges of
the time and crazy it was wonderful time we are living in is finding the balance.

what are the seven steps? Go back and listen to this recording and listen what we talked
about our body and notice is there something needs to change. Are you one of the many
many patients who are not exercised, there are too many processed food in your di
et. The
energy body, think about that body cavity, and think about how many deposits you are
making today. I think about the energy currency as I gave you the million dollars of energy
units and every time you use the energy units you would deposit the old

withdraw. Also
think about it when we are on the mental level. Good thoughts doesn’t cause you
withdrawal but a deposit than if you making a negative thoughts then think about it, a
negative thought would withdraw a balance from my bank account. So all y
ou are having
are negative thoughts then you not going to have anything in your energy bank account.

The informational body, I really hope that you have begun to shield yourself. Turn the news
off. Take a break from your emails. Notice what sounds are in
your home. Are there 3 TV s
blurring at the same time, is it comedy, music, education, history or is it chaos and
accusational and worrying and fear. Look around for the information at your home. What is
the info in your picture, in your frame? What is it
saying to you? Is it making more deposits
into your account or withdrawals?

And then consciousness. That’s a place each of us needs to find for ourselves. The
important thing is you find it. The next step, step six, assess each level in your life. And

you do that assessment, these is your life and then prepare an action list. Don’t make
it overwhelmed that you vet never started, what we. I had a patient this week and all that I
asked for her was to remove gluten from her diet. Oh my god, this patient h
ad a panic
attack. She couldn’t even imagine what her life would be like. So very good to say, before I
can move further with that patient and actually begin to make and take that action lets go
back and do some deep inner work to see that she is not her b
read and not her posture.
She used these things to anaesthetize herself so that now we are not feeling the pain.

So it’s important for each of us to do up
close and personal and ask yourself the question,
and most importantly answer yourself.

So we are ge
tting too closer two things I have to leave you with is when you get chance go
to the website and try the techniques that I showed you. And since we couldn’t do
questions tonight you can either send your questions to at

or you can
got to our Facebook page and we can start our conversation there and if you need more
clarification or something you couldn’t understand then you can post your question, ill be
happy to answer it, the last thing a sug
gestion that I have for you, I have been involved in
for some now 20
25byears and every year
in Unity
we write on Dec 31

which is called a
Letter to God, its all personal letter, no one is meant to read it and what the church does is
that they mail it ba
ck to you
and iv e collected these letters throughout my life and I
promised to you that I will tell you that its not enough to have intention because intention
without connection will never get you the result that you need.