Organizations Conducting Research in U.S.


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Research Centers

Biomedical Research Center

Center for Computational Systems

Center for Environmental Health Sciences

Center for Integrated Chemical Measurement

Center for Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology

Computational Simulation and Design Center

Diagnostic Instrumentation and Analysis Laboratory

Electron Microscope Center

Forestry and Wildlife Research Center

High Voltage Laboratory

Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station

Mississippi Energy Research Center

National Center for Intermodal Transportation

National Science Foundation/MSU Engineering Research Center

for Computational Field Simulation

Raspet Flight Research Laboratory

Remote Sensing Technologies Center

Science and Technology Research Center

Small Town Center

Social Science Research Center

T.K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability

Technology Resource Institute for Business and Engineering

Transportation Research Center

University/Industry Chemical Research Center

Water Resources Research Institute

Science & Technology Programs

Neutron Science

Advanced Computing and Networking


expert systems; neural network modeling;
specific simulation; grid technology; scientific visualization

virtual environments including CAVE
computing environment and integration; high performance computing systems; data acquisitions
and microsystems; $25 million NASA
funded Remote Sensing Technologies Center focusing on
agriculture, transportation, and forestry and wildlife

I&C, Sensors, Robotics

Biology, Biotechnology

management of terrestrial ecosystems; plant genetics, including
molecular genetics
computational biology; bioinformatics


Energy, Environment


development of monitoring systems for severe environments and for
field application; development of real
time continuous emissions monitors for RCRA metals and
for hazardous organics; application of imaging technologies to optimize high temperature
processes, esp. those including combustion; development and testing of gasification
technologies; real
time characterization of buildings and other infrastructure; field support to
industry biofuels and renewable energy development; resource economics; spatial analysis;
water quality; waste containment and remediation;
energy analyses; environmental impacts;
geographic information systems

Projects in ORNL Areas


development of processes for nuclear material disposition;
development of monitoring system for long
term stewardship; development of continuous
emissions monitoring for incinerators; expertise in thermodynamics of waste processing;
inexpensive non
intrusive technique for determining pressure inside waste drums; direct field
support to DOE sites

Scientific & Technical Awards

7 NSF Early Career Awards (Lesia Crumpton, industrial engineering; Anthony Skjellum,
computer science; Ioanna Banicescu, computer science; Eric Hansen, computer science; David
Banks, computer science; Raghu Machiraju, computer science; David Kaber, industrial

1 of 25 members of the U.S. President's Commission on Next
Generation Computing

1 Burroughs Wellcome Toxicology Scholar (Janice Chambers)

1 executive board member, International Council on Alcohol, Drugs & Traffic Safety (Elisabeth

Winner of William T. Piper General Aviation Award (Raspet Flight Research Center)

1 Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research (Mike Mazzola)

Faculty Honors:

Dr. Jan Chambers, Burroughs Wellcome Toxicology Scholar Award

Dr. Jan Chambers, Diplomat of the American Board of Toxicology

Dr. James Heitz, Councilor of the Agrochemical Division of the American Chemical Society

Dr. James S. McCully, Distinguished Service to Vocational and Technical Education (National
Association of State Directors of Vocational and Technical Education)

Dr. Anthony Skjellum, 1999 Incubator Company of the Year (Association of University
Related Parks)

Dr. Joe Thompson, Member, President's Advisory Committee on Information Technology

Dr. Robert Wilson, Member of the National Academy of Sciences Board on Agriculture and
Natural Resources

59th NSF

research university in R&D spending

8th in agriculture and life sciences research expenditures (NSF, FY98)

50th in engineering research spending ('97
'98), as ranked by American Society for Engineering Education

$100 million R&D expenditures for science and engineering


16,076 total students

2,835 graduate students

892 full
time faculty

96 graduate degree programs

19th most powerful supercomputing site at a U.S. university

Dr. Ralph Sinno, Fellow of American Society of Civil Engineers

Dr. Glenn Steele, Assoc. Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Dr. Glenn Steele, Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Dr. Glover Triplett, Fellow of American Society of Agronomy

Dr. Dennis Truax, Fellow of American Society of Civil Engineers

Dr. Vance Watson, Fellow of American Crop Science Society

Dr. Vance Watson, Fellow of American Society of Agronomy

Dr. Vance Watson, Fellow of National Institute of Agricultural Botany (Cambridge University, England)

Dr. Frank Whisler, Fellow of American Society of Agronomy

Dr. Robert Altenkirch, Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Dr. A. Wayne Bennett, Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Dr. A. Wayne Bennett, Fellow of International Engineering Consortium

Dr. Lewis Brown, Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology

Dr. Lewis Brown, Fellow of the Society for Industrial Microbiology

Dr. Jan Chambers, Fellow of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences

Dr. Robert L. Cook, Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Dr. Roy Creech, Fellow of American Society of Agronomy

Dr. John Foley, Fellow of the American Optical Society

Dr. William R. Fox, Fellow of American Society of Agricultural Engineers

Dr. Stan Grzybowski, Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Dr. Keith Hodge, Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Dr. Atla Jefcoat, Fellow of American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Dr. John E. Lee, Jr., Fellow of American Agricultural Economics Association

Dr. David Pettry, Fellow of American Society of Agronomy

Dr. M. John Plodinec, Fellow of the American Ceramic Society

Dr. Robert W. Rogers, Fellow of American Meat Science Association