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Biotechnology 101 & Why You
Should Sign Up!

Judith A. Kjelstrom, PhD

Acting Director

UC Davis Biotechnology Program

September 24 , 2002

Welcome to the teachers and administrators
of the Solano County Office of Education,
SEDCORP members and other community

Let’s work together to
create educational and
business opportunities in
the areas of:


Medical Technology


Information Technology

Partnerships are the Key!
Pass it On ……

The two technologies that will shape the
next century are biotechnology and
information technology”

Bill Gates



“The two technologies that will have the
greatest impact on each other in the new
millennium are biotechnology and
information technology”

Dr. Martina Newell


(past director of UCD biotech Program)

Quotes from

What Path Should Students

The Hottest Jobs for the New Millennium are:

1. Computer and Information Science

2. Health Sciences

3. Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

All of these careers require a strong background in

Also wanted:
Strong Thinkers & Communicators (oral
and written)

But …….. Will the U.S. Keep Up with the
Demand for Scientists & Engineers??

The National Science Foundation (NSF) reports
that as of 1999, about

of all U.S. workers
with PhDs in science and engineering were
foreign born.

We must produce more American scientists and
engineers as well as increase general science

Dr. Judith Ramaley, section of education and
human resources at NSF says, “It has to start
around the 4

You must go into the
valley of the shadow
, where pupils turn off to
science and math unless they’ve experienced:
good classroom material, chances to explore the
topic and
teachers who love the subject

Full Report:

The Road to the AH HA!

Undergraduate data show a shift, not a
decline in interest in Science

(Science, Dec 27, 2001, pg 2466

Paul Romer, an economist at Stanford thinks supplying more money will increase
the number of US scientists and engineers.

Technology Talent Bill (

Elaine Seymour, a sociologist at the Univ. of Colorado, Boulder cites “appalling
teaching” as a bigger reason for driving students away. She says that more money
won’t hurt, but it won’t fix the problem.
“It requires the systematic reform of the
science curriculum at all levels and improved teacher training”.

But …. How do we account for the steady growth in the life sciences, when other
areas of science like physics are showing a decline?

~38,000 biology undergrads in 1990 to over 60,000 in 1998.

Even though about one third of the total bachelor degree pool is in the life sciences,
in today’s world of greater technological sophistication,
we need to reach out to the

other two thirds (especially women and underrepresented minorities).

Biotech 101

What is it???

Biotechnology is
the Ah HA

It is the

to the Future of
California’s Economy

It is a
Collection of Technologies

that uses cells and biological
molecules (DNA, RNA, proteins,
etc.) to create new products,
processes or services.

It is involved in:
agriculture, engineering, law
enforcement, environmental clean
up, energy production, basic life
science research, etc.


The use of living organisms, or parts thereof, to
provide useful products, processes and services.


Golden Rice

insertion of genes for beta
vitamin A) production into white rice.
(Ag Biotech)


Microbes manufacturing human insulin for diabetes
(Pharmaceutical Biotech)


Genetically engineered poplar trees for cleaning up
heavy metal contamination of land and water.


Biotechnology or Bioengineering
is generally defined as:

But….we have broadened our
definition of Biotech to include:

Health Sciences & Medical Technology

DNA & Protein biochips, biosensors, tissue & organ
cloning, etc.

Metabolomics/Nutrigenomics [

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

vaccines, cancer treatments, gene therapy, etc.

Agricultural Biotechnology

genetically enhanced crops & livestock

Environmental Sciences/Bioremediation

Neurobiology (
understanding the Brain

Microbiology (esp.
combating Bioterrorism

Biomedical Engineering, Nanotechnology, … & More!