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Time Manager

CSUCI COMP550 individual project

Carl Edwards


Problem Description

A system to record, save and report the time
spent on project tasks.


We have a few of these time tracking systems
where I work, each slightly different so I
wanted to explore implementing one.


TimeMgr is a web based platform running on
the .NET 4 framework built using Visual Studio
2010 , C#, ASP.NET/MVC 3, Entity Framework
4.1, and a SQL db.

I’ve deployed a running version to my hosting


ASP.NET MVC is a powerful way to build
standards compliant web sites with RESTful

In this methodology URL design is important
and needs to be done early in the lifecycle but
is not part of UML.

I have ideas for lots of additional features, it is
my hope that the design is flexible enough to
add them without major rewrites.