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Test Driven Development in the .Net

Sam Lee

Mayur Mehta

Jaymeen Shah

McCoy College of Business Administration

Texas State University
San Marcos


Test Driven Development

Unit Testing & Visual Studio .Net 2008


ADO.Net Entity Framework


Test Driven Development (TDD)

Packaged software

A powerful global industry

Intense time
market pressures

The need to always adapt software in
progress to new functionality

TDD: unit test cases are written for the
implementation of any new functionality

TDD Advantages

Flexibly change the behavior of one
part of the system without risking side
effects in other parts.

Delivers software in smaller units that
are less complex.

Effectively captures requirements such
that development tools can be
integrated to continue to improve
system quality.

TDD in Visual Studio .Net 2008


Free and open software

A unit
testing framework for all .Net

ADO.Net Entity Framework

Facilitate the persistence of data.

Abstract the structure of the data into a
more business
friendly manner (based on
oriented models)

Demo: Nunit

Demo: Entity Framework

Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

The Entity Framework facilitates the
construction of a MDA

MDA Models (Conn & Forrester, 2006)

Platform independent models (like
class diagram)

Platform specific models (.Net framework &
code libraries)

Transformation models (OR mapping & XML


The classes that access databases can
be quickly built and updated using the
utilities of ADO.Net Entity Framework.

Develop unit test cases to manage the
change of entity models.

Convergence of two development
methodologies: TDD and MDA.