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This document will explain how to switch LM’s internal database to
ySQL from SQLite or vice versa.

1.) Open ../licmon.swd/db/config.tcl
* Uncomment MySQL at the top, re-comment SQLite
* Change MySQL port to 3407
* Change host to “localhost”
2.) Run mysqladmin from mysql/bin folder. Run the command:
“mysqladmin –u root password lamdb”
3.) This step is for Windows installations only…
Open my.ini for editing from MySQL root folder…
omment out “log-bin=logging”
Stop and start MySQL, the easiest way is via the stop_lamlm.bat command.
4.) Run vovinit.bat for windows, or source in vovrc.sh for linux (vovrc.csh for c shell installations). For
ndows this is located in the /rtda/2010.09/winNT/bat directory, for linux in the /rtda/2010.09/linux/
scripts directory.
5.) “vovproject enable licmon”
6.) “vovsql_setup_db –admin root –adminpass lamdb –ropass rtdamgr –rwpass rtdausr –showsql”
7.) “lmmgr loaddb”
8.) Now you can go into LM and under the admin -> System -> Database tab be sure to check that
MySQL is the system’s reported database.