What is .NET?

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What is .NET?

.NET is a "revolutionary new platform, built

on open Internet protocols and standards, with tools and

services that meld computing and communications in

new ways."



.NET Features/Claims

“Common Language Runtime” (CLR)

Runs bytecode in an Inter
Language (IL) format.

Allows inter
language and inter
machine interoperability.

Rich base class library

Set of components and services giving developers access to
the features of the runtime.

Ease of development of web
based services

Provides an environment facilitating development and
deployment of web based services.

New Programming Language called C#

Derives from C and C++ with several additional features
such as garbage collection.

Provides SOAP capabilities

Allows .NET components to exchange data messages with
components on other platforms.

.NET and Jini

IL format lets developers use the language of
their choice

Removes Jini’s “limitation” of using just Java for
implementing services.

Support for SOAP

Allows .NET components to communicate with
components on other platforms.

Provides an intrinsic XML
based serializer.

.NET and Jini

Provides an extensible Loader

Allows dynamic (re)configuration of components
and services.

Provides an extensive integrated Security

Includes verification checks, access control to
resources, etc.

Includes most features of Java

e.g. automatic memory management, garbage
collection, type safety and exception handling.

Does it then make sense to implement
“The Jini

Pattern Language” using
the .NET framework?