Work flow automation and work flow coordination: Work flow :


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Work flow automation and work flow coordination:

Work flow :

The process (vision) of automating routine business tasks are called work flow

automation. It involves computer network which is applied to manage complex

and interlocking task and the i
nformation they utilize and generate.

The goal of the work flow automation is to be timely completeness , cost

effectively and integrated ways to make business decisions.

Work flow portrays the movement of business process and its associated task

among w
orkers and the operations requires to process the information that moves

from initialization stage to complete stage.

All work flows taken together constitute a process. For automation knowledge

based business process can be defined.

The work flow decomp
osed into different individual tasks with certain order

1,2,3,…… on.

A work flow can be complex or simple.

Work flow advantages:

The following are the advantages of the work flows:

1.It is used to determine the amount of cross functional activities

in which the

organization integrates.

2.It should provide in
time completion and reduce the complexity of the process

3. In an organization the cross functional activity depends on the three different


a) Improving the existing process by uti
lizing the technology

b)After identifying the technology required information that needs for reach


c)Integrating application programming interface , database access etc.

Workflow coordination :


In this we it use coordination among the different


It use certain standard tools that implement electronic forms like lotus notes and

advanced software tools.


The package that offer network based and customized and attractive to reduce

the paper based work.

To provide better work flow coordin
ation companies are using software agents.

Work flow related technology:

The work flow technology must be engine for driving the initiative process in a

stream line and transform business interfaces.

The tool kits that can be used will perform different
range of functions that are

Necessary for work flow management .

It should consider the following technologies:

i)Middle ware technology

ii)The third party need to learn how to develop and use work flow application

within the environments.

tional memory is becoming practical: The new tools for

organizational memory are achieved towards to provide corporate digital library

and more efficient processing cooperation operations.

Supply chain Management (SCM) :

Supply chain management (SCM) is
also called ‘extending” which means

integrating the internal and external partners on the supply and process chain to

get raw materials to the manufacturer and finished products to the consumer.

Most of the companies fails because lack of integration
due to fragmented supply

chain management.