Sybaweb helps companies operate more efficiently and cost-effectively


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Sybaweb helps companies operate more efficiently and


Companies are under more pressure than ever, thanks to increasing statutory
requirements where IT Management is a crucial element of good corporate
governance and an integral aspect to corporate Risk Management. Aligning
the IT performance and sustainabili
ty with the company’s own business
objectives as well as monitoring and evaluating your IT investments is a
cornerstone of the King 111 requirements on corporate IT responsibility.

Companies face stringent sanction on data management and increasingly
plex security threats which, added to an ever present demand from
management and end users, require 24/7 uptime and high performance for
your staff. The solutions for these issues are found in strategic and intelligent
investment in technologies that can b
oost efficiency, save money in the mid
and long terms, and make IT an integral part of your corporate business
processes and goals.

SybaWeb’s Managed Services solution encompasses full support of the entire
Enterprise, from basic desktop support to specia
lised server maintenance.
The manageme
nt methodologies and systems

strive to eliminate
downtime whilst offering a competitive, predictable monthly IT management,
maintenance a
nd support cost. SybaWeb is a

full IT outsourced department.

One of t
he core benefits and service included with SybaWeb’s Managed
Services (MS) is IT Au
tomation for


network and IT infrastructure

IT Automation

where software helps to manage the routine, day
tasks of IT maintenance

can make the
difference. A comprehensive IT
automation solution can help companies or companies with their own IT
department run the entire network smoothly from one central location to
simplify delivery of IT services and support
saving time and money and
making your

systems secure. This is done by automating IT processes and
delivering comprehensive instant remote support capabilities; which breaks
free of the ‘break fix’ model by having to wait and pay high callout fees.

With automation in place, even companies wi
th their own internal IT
departments reap immediate time and staffing savings, not to mention
reduced licensing fees for maintenance software. They often find that
automation brings improvements in energy efficiency and security as well,
which lowers their

server infrastructure costs.

Benefits of SybaWeb’s MS IT Automation

Automated maintenance reduces downtime, increases
productivity, reduces costs, and improves satisfaction, and to a
slightly lesser degree, enables companies to reduce IT head

Automated upgrading/patching and backup bring similar results.

Automated performance monitoring increases productivity and
improves user satisfaction.

The ROI of IT Automation

The benefits of IT automation with SybaWeb’s Manage
d Services are clear,
but how
do they translate to hours and R
ands saved? Automation
technologies can reduce staffing requirements by 50 percent and reduce
complexity, improve response time, and reduce the need for ‘putting out fires.‘
IT automation reduce
s the average repair time for system problems by an
average of more than 60 percent

which represents an immediate benefit in
terms of staff time and operational cost, and improved productivity and

IT automation saves more than just service and re
pair costs. Daily
maintenance such as security updates, patch scans and installations, disk
defragmentation’s, application deployments, and network monitoring
all take a
toll on IT resources

even if it‘s just a few minutes per day or
couple of
hours pe
r week. That time
adds up, and

the savings generated
by IT automation.

The same is true for reductions in tech

support visits. Automation cuts
down on travel associated with dispatching technicians to service calls, which
conserves resou



to reap the benefits of IT Automation, contact SybaWeb on
086 066 3367 or email their sales department (
) and
their expert consult
ants will get in touch with you

to provid
e the best
comprehensive IT solution for your business.











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Notes to the editor

Sybaweb was founded in 1994 and is one of the oldest members of the Internet Service
Providers Association of South Africa.
The founder and CEO of Sybaweb, Andreas Nel, has
an IT AND business background and as a result the company has a unique outlook on I
solutions. They create business solutions based on a company’s IT requirements instead of
the common ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The team is made up of business and technical professionals operating in both Windows and
Open Source environments who
offer tailor
made IT management services and solutions to
businesses in Southern Africa.

Their service and product offerings include
complete IT
Management Solutions comprising Consulting, Connectivity, Cloud Services and Managed
Services of the entire IT
infrastructure of an organisation.

Sybaweb’s head office is based in
Cape Town, but they have offices in three major cities of South Africa, namely Durban,
Joburg and Cape Town.

086 066 3367

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