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Fronius and Loxone offer a comprehensive energy management solution

(WELS, 21.08.2013) Recently, Fronius International GmbH, quality leader in solar electronics, and Loxone,
inventor of mini server
based solutions for home automation have continued to develop their cooperation.
Our goal is to provide a comprehensive energy

management solution for the customers of both companies .
As a result, this can increase private consumption while saving costs.

Increased private consumption through intelligent home automation

Loxone mini servers customize and control everything in t
he home, from the shades to heating systems. Combining
this technology with a photovoltaic system and Fronius inverter allows for convenient energy management while
also increasing the homeowner's private energy consumption. This also means that more self
generated electricity
can be used as part of the overall energy management solution.

This leads to a faster payback period of the investment of the photovoltaic system. More importantly, this also
means a more autonomous energy supply. "The aim of our co
operation with Loxone is to provide a comprehensive
energy management solution for our customers," says Martin Hackl, Head of the Solar Electronics Division at
Fronius International GmbH. The Fronius inverter can easily be connected with the Loxone mini se
rver. This grants
the customer many practical applications such as managing various devices depending on the amount of electricity
generated or recharging an electric car.

The Loxone mini server as an added component to the Fronius inverter

The Loxone

mini server is a PLC
based solution for the control of lighting, shades, cooling, energy consumption,
and much more. Its big advantage over many other home control devices is the openness of the system. Thus,
there are no limits to the number of applicat
ions. Also, the mini server can be easily combined with the Fronius

We offer a comprehensive home automation solution, and now the photovoltaic system can also be
integrated quite easily
,” explains Thomas Moser, Managing Director of Loxone.

e mini server
based control solution for private homeowners is comprehensive, can be learned quickly, and most
of all, is affordable. You can interlink to the Loxone system with any device, whether a traditional light switch, PC, or
touch screen. It is eas
y to connect Android smartphones, iPhones, or iPads to the home control panel.

Many advantages

increased customer benefits

Plug & Play: The Fronius inverter is connected to the Loxone mini server by a simple network cable. All inverter
data can be proc
essed by central control without any need for further configuration.

Effective maximization of private consumption: The targeted switching of devices, for example, depending on PV
output, time, weather, or other such factors, helps increase private consum
ption and reduce the electricity bill.


s simple configuration and clear visual overview make it convenient to use and allow for a good overview of all
devices connected to the mini server.



The output of the photovoltaic system is visualized and compar
ed to power requirements, meaning that private
consumption can be monitored at all times.

Fronius will offer special training sessions on the topic of energy management and home control systems together
with the company Loxone starting in the fall of 2013

About Loxone

Loxone was founded in 2009 in Upper Austria and currently has more than 5,000 registered customers. It is a
company with a strong international focus and global distribution subsidiaries in Switzerland, Czech Republic,
United Kingdom, Spai
n, and the United States.

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The combination of a Fronius inverter and mini server
based solution for home automation by Loxone is easy to install and helps save costs.

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Fronius International GmbH, reprints free of charge.

The Loxone System is very easy to operate: Android Smartphones, iPhones, or iPads can also easily be linked
up to the home control panel.

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About Fronius International GmbH

Fronius International is an Austrian company with headquarters in Pettenbach and other locations in Wels,
Thalheim, Steinhaus, and Sattledt. With more than 3,239 employees worldwide, the company is active in the field
of solar electronics, battery charging systems, and welding technology engineering. Our export ratio of approx. 93
per cent is achieved with 19 international Fronius companies and distributor partnerships and representatives in
more than 60 countries. Wi
th innovative products and services as well as 864 active patents, Fronius is a
technology leader in the world market.




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