Comparison of Two OPACs


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Marianne Bankhead

LS 596 Excellent Library Websites Assignments

Comparison of Two OPACs


WebCollection Plus

Copyright 2005 Follett Software Company

Version 6.20

Revision 05
A Feb. 11, 2005

The Follett automation system is one where negative comments are difficult to find. Well organized and
definitely student f
riendly with all books on the elementary level. T
he software system uses easy to understand
icon symbols to

help the user navigate through
options offered.

Each category of search is an alphabetized
list to hundreds of

at Elementary, Middle or High School levels
When looking for a specific book, the researcher can choose to search by Title, Subject, Author, Series, Keyword,
or Call Number.
Keyword brings up an alphabetized list of hotlinks to hundreds of elementary level topics.
These options allow the studen
t to see what books or websites the library has for checkout or what other district
library may have for transfer. Another
search option that is extremely valuable is the ability to search
using the Boolean method by choosing the Power Search icon
. Elementary studen
ts need to learn this
method as early as possible.
If a book or article

title is unknown
but the

specific subject matter

, the Boolean
search method can be employed. Acquiring this method of search will prove to be helpful
ll into adulthood!

Another search aspect specifically designed to aid the elementary student is the option of viewing search choices
using pictorial symbols. This makes the search for younger students very user friendly!

Web Path Express,

has the ability to use Keyword or Power searches to find a list of books or
es on a particular topic. This is excellent

for teachers or student assignments
that need material
on a

Follett also offers a
n option entitled, “Lim
that is also

very useful. The student ca
n limit

their search to only

specific types of media
. Such
examples are Publishing Year,
Videos, eBooks, Graphics,
Level, and Interest Level.

Highly valuable search tools for student
s and teachers alike.

An icon option entitled
My Info is the students and faculty access log
in location where “barcode” and “password” are entered for access
to the system. This option protects the schools investment in that it will block users not enro
lled in the district.

Bookbag is a feature that works much like a shopping cart list on an online e
store. Once the media item is placed
in the student’s “bookbag,” the student has a record of items that might be helpful. The list can be arranged by

order they were found, but can be rearranged by choosing
the Sort by List option and clicking on Update
Bookbag. One or all items can be deleted using the remove or remove all options and again, clicking the Update
Bookbag button.

More specifically gear
ed to reading programs or reading assessment, the Follett system offers Accelerated
Reader, Lexile, Reading Counts,
One Search, or State Standards. H
owever, they are not listed as icon options.
With the acception of AR, most of the options are provided f
or the instructor for easy access to

lexile scores, reading levels, reading improvement, and district standards.

All in all, the Follett Automation System is one that can’t be beat. It offers help and expediency to student and
teacher alike. It is an
invaluable asset to the librarian and makes for a well organized and efficient system that
keeps up with book check out frequency, inventory procedures, and more importan
tly it supports and enables
students and teach
ers to meet and exceed

district standards and therefore become better prepared for State and
local assessment.

Marianne Bankhead

LS 596 Excellent Library Websites Assignments


Tandem Library Group


Acquired by Follett

in 2006

ee article excerpt at the end

Sagebrush is now a subsidiary of Follett

The Sagebrush Automated Library System runs a close second in that it offers everything the Follett system offers
with some minor exceptions.
Upon entry of the Sagebrush Automated System, the student will find a tabbed
entry selection listed as Library Search, My List, and My Library Info. The look of the system does not stand out
with eye catching picture icons but instead is understated in hu
es of pastel blue, green, and purple.
Clean and neat
with appeal to

the simplistic but may seem daunting for the novice. However, a deeper look into the Sagebrush
system reveals visual icons as an option.

The Library Info tab feature is one that enables
the student to view details about a student or teachers account.
This is a valuable tool for keeping up with overdue books or library fines but can also provide other more
valuable options. The Library Info feature can also keep up with student search li
sts, renewing checked out
library holds and allow printing of this information. However, one failing to this feature was the bright red
notice flagged by the word “Important!” found in the bottom of the help section of this feature. The warning
fers that the login box does not automatically clear itself after each use. This could lead to the use of someone
else’s log in for book check or worse

theft of the book.

A student can use the My List page to view and fine tune a list of titles created f
rom the Library Search feature.
Titles can be removed from the list and resorted so titles appear in the most useful order. This list can be printed
or saved to a text file. The list is also helpful in keeping up with bibliography information.

The Libra
ry Search feature page is broken up in three search options listed as function buttons on the left side of
the page. The first in the list, Quick Search, requires the input of a word or phrase and the selection of choice
buttons entitled Title, Author, Su
bject, or Keyword. A great tool in that it can quickly retrieve a book with
portion of its title, but can also be used for a keyword search.

The next feature on the Library Search page is the Advanced Search which enables the student to do a more i
depth Boolean search that will limit unwanted search items from appearing in the list. Advanced Boolean
searches are more apt to find the difficult to find topics.
The Advanced Search also teaches students to search
using the Boolean method by requirin
g choice buttons such as

and, or, and not

to accompany the keyword(s)

The Visual Search option contains brightly colored pictorial icons that represent choices such as Browse the
Library, Animals, Holidays, People, Science, Sports, Stories, and P
laces. Visual aid is for the young and the not
so young. Visually stimulating iconic representations fires the imagination which elicits more enthusiasm for the
task at hand, piquing more interest in the reluctant reader. Additionally, the specific cate
gories have been
carefully selected to interest the choices of the young reader. The visual search
can be altered by adding to or
taking away search choices according to the needs of the school. The visual search can also include academic
areas such as S
cience and Math

The research of these two excellent
systems only made me more aware of what a good automated system can do
for the advancement of academic endeavors. However
, I would have to choose t
he Follett system for my school
simply because the ov
erall search experience using Follett is, in my opinion, better organized for students to

Below, I have included information from my research that confirms the Follett Company taking over Sagebrush;
something I did not know before my researc

Marianne Bankhead

LS 596 Excellent Library Websites Assignments

The following link is a PDF recap of a bid to the Troy School District from 2002/2003 school year.
Although several years ago, the bid does give an overall look at how the systems are similar in itemized
features and price

The following
excerpt I copied and pasted portions from

the website listed below
. I did not know this
ation prior to the research and writing of my paper. It wasn’t until the end that I found out
Sagebrush is now a subsidiary of Follett. The comparison research is still val
uable in that the systems
do differ in some ways
. However, I wonder if they will
eventually look like each other?? Intersting…


School Library Journal, 7/27/2006

Follett Software Company, the leading vendor of K
12 library automation including Destiny Resource
Management, announced today that it has acquired the Sagebrush Corporatio
n’s library automation business.
Sagebrush is the second
leading K
12 automation vendor.

The merger means that Follett will have roughly seventy percent of the school library automation
market, according to Vanderbilt University’s Marshall Breeding, author

Library Journal
’s annual
automation survey

Sagebrush Books and Sagebrush Library Services will continue as a new separate company

Sagebrush automation business will initially operate under the Sagebrush name as a Follett subsidiary,
according a statement released by Follett. Eventually it will be integrated into Follett Software Company.