The Power of SUSELinux Enterprise Server, SAP and IBMDB2

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Partner Flyer
The Power of SUSE
Enterprise Server, SAP
and IBM
Discover the affordable, scalable answer to your
specific business needs. Few areas are more
mission-critical to your growing business than
your SAP solution. Together, IBM and Novell are
helping customers cost-effectively deploy SAP
solutions to achieve a robust, scalable, complete
system optimised for the SAP environment.
Tailored to the Requirements
of Emerging Businesses
Whether established incumbents or emerging
players, today’s companies need efficient,
streamlined processes, easy access to
vital facts and figures and systems flexible
enough to adapt and grow with changing
needs. But the solutions that deliver these
benefits often strain IT budgets. For emerg-
ing businesses, in particular—those with
limited time, IT personnel and finances—
the power of enterprise-class solutions has
often seemed tantalisingly out of reach.
Now, a customer-focused solution from IBM,
Novell and SAP is changing that perception.
We have combined some of our core
enterprise-class technologies, including SAP
Business All-In-One
, IBM DB2 and SUSE
Linux Enterprise Server, to give you the power
and scalability you need at a price you can
afford.It is a solution that allows SAP cus-
tomers to take advantage of the industry-
leading benefits of both SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server and IBM DB2 9. SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server from Novell
is the premier Linux
platform, delivering superior performance at
a reasonable cost for businesses of all sizes.
IBM DB2 complements this Linux server
with a powerful and scalable database—
optimised especially for SAP customers—
that delivers unparalleled integration and
a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
Take Advantage of
Industry-leading Benefits
Running SAP on SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server gives you the performance, reliability
and scalability you need from your mission-
critical SAP applications. The combination
of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and IBM
DB2 provides a robust infrastructure to help
small and medium business (SMB) custom-
ers deploy SAP solutions cost effectively.
As an integrated solution, it accelerates return
on investment (ROI), reduces spending and
simplifies operations without sacrificing
reliability or performance.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
SAP Business All-In-One
“Our agreement with Novell makes
it truly possible for companies
to get long-term support and
maintenance when deploying
SAP applications.”
Gerhard Oswald
Executive Board Member,
Global Service and Support
“The x445 servers
running SAP solutions
and Linux have exceeded
our best expectations.
The 1,600 users enjoy
superb response times,
and maintenance and
licensing costs have been
effectively eliminated,
as we planned. Phoenix
selected SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server in part
because of their strong
local support and close
relationship with IBM
development teams.”
Jörg Lichtenberg
Head of IT
Phoenix Contact
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† Market Magic Research
2005 RDBMS Software
Cost of Ownership Study
Delivering Value: IBM DB2
For business and IT executives who need
to build, deploy and manage an enterprise
resource planning (ERP) solution at an afford-
able price, IBM DB2 simplifies installation
and configuration—and delivers lower TCO.
IBM DB2 also offers a fully integrated data-
base designed to scale with your growing
business and optimised for SAP and SUSE
Linux Enterprise Server. It is the ideal solution
for streamlining and accelerating implemen-
tation for new SAP customers. In a recent
cost-of-ownership study by a leading inde-
pendent analyst, IBM DB2 was ranked best in
value over competitors’ products 68 percent
of the time.

Dedicated SAP performance tuning and
specific modifications to the IBM DB2 data
server ensure that SAP applications run faster
with much higher resilience. IBM DB2 naturally
scales without costly hardware or software
to deliver the maximum power required for
growing SAP environments.
IBM DB2 Benefits
Simpler, faster and more flexible deployment
Automatic installation—when you deploy
IBM DB2 with SAP Business All-In-One—
ensuring a quicker implementation with
less effort
Autonomic capabilities that deliver optimal
performance for SAP environments
Minimal administration via preconfigured
Excellent performance
Unlimited growth without “rip and replace”
Built-in data compression technology,
reducing storage needs by up to 80 percent
Built-in backup and recovery—free of
Easy to learn, intuitive graphical user
interface (GUI)
One database, multiple platforms
(Windows*, UNIX* and Linux)
Attractive terms and conditions, with
lower licensing, support and maintenance
fees—including one year of free
maintenance for new customers
Integrated Tivoli* high-availability solution
The Linux Platform Preferred by SAP
By running SAP on SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server, you get the performance, reliability and
scalability that you need from your mission-
critical SAP applications. With the agreement
between Novell and SAP (www
you can also have the seamless technical
support you have always wanted. In fact, you
may count on the joint support of Novell and
SAP for everything from your operating system
to applications. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Priority Support for SAP Applications is a main-
tenance and support service that seamlessly
integrates through the SAP Solution Manager
into the SAP global support backbone, making
it easy to manage the entire lifecycle of SAP
applications. The collaboration between SAP
and Novell ensures that you will have an
operating system optimised for SAP workloads
and also have technical support from two of
the technology industry’s leading vendors.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Priority Support for SAP Applications
Novell has created a special offering exclu-
sively for SAP customers, so you may confi-
dently deploy SAP on SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server and get the enterprise support you
need. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is an
enterprise-quality server designed to handle
mission-critical workloads in the data centre.
Developed and backed by Novell, only
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server offers an open,
scalable, high-performance data centre
solution that comes with application security,
virtualization and integrated systems man-
agement across a full range of hardware
architectures. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
IBM DB2 simplifies installation and
configuration—and delivers lower TCO.
The Power of SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server, SAP
and IBM DB2
For more information, visit:
or www
is deployable as a general-purpose server
or may be tailored to run a variety of spe-
cialised workloads, offering seamless
interoperability with your existing data
centre infrastructure.
Industry Leaders Working Together
for Customers
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Priority Support
for SAP Applications with IBM DB2 is only the
latest step in a broad partnership between
Novell, IBM and SAP. We have already
delivered a validated solution for running
SAP in a Xen* virtual machine on SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server and a certified solution
for making SAP widely available on SUSE
Linux Enterprise Server. Future plans include
joint development work that will expand
the optimisation of SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server for the SAP Application Suite, so
customers can get performance, scalability
and reliability that meets or exceeds the
historic performance of SAP on UNIX.
IBM, SAP and Novell know what emerging
businesses need. In fact, nearly half of all
SAP installations are located in companies
that have annual revenues of less than
US$200 million. IBM and SAP have been
collaborating to the benefit of both com-
panies’ customer bases for more than
30 years. So with the advice and assistance
of your expert SAP partner, you will discover
that you may swiftly deploy SAP Business
All-In-One and IBM DB2 and with a faster,
better return on your investment than you
ever thought possible. When your business
needs change—as they inevitably will in
today’s dynamic economy—you will have
the full power of the SAP Business Suite and
IBM DB2 running on SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server to support your forward progress.
That is value that businesses of all sizes
can count on with SAP, IBM and Novell.
The database and Linux platform preferred
by SAP
Technology optimisations tailored for SAP
to reduce cost and simplify operations
Simplified IT infrastructure deployment
and management
Higher performance at lower costs
Better IT asset utilisation
Integrated and tested solutions with
minimal risk
An open, flexible and reliable platform
A highly available, reliable and flexible
infrastructure solution to handle the
demands of growing businesses
Superior price and performance to
extend your IT investment
“The main advantage of the new Linux on POWER architecture
and DB2 UDB is the low cost of acquisition.”
Wolfgang Franz
IT Manager
Bionorica AG
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“Both Novell and SAP are long-time partners of IBM, with SAP’s
offerings frequently deployed on IBM servers at both large and small
customers. Strengthening SAP on the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform
is a natural move, and we’re thrilled to see Novell and SAP collaborate
on behalf of customers.”
Jim Stallings
BM General Manager
System z
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