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A Taste of Turing and other

Jessie Hey

Gareth Hughes

IAM, Electronics and Computer Science,
Southampton University


Group Background

Creating a hypermedia version of the
Mountbatten archive began in 1988

Microcosm Open Hypermedia System

Wellington, Churchill, V&A Museum…

Intelligence Agents Multimedia

One of 50,000 photos in the
Mountbatten Archive

The Mountbatten Archive

250,000 text documents

50,000 photographs

Recorded speeches

Large collection of film and video

Spans entire lifetime (1900

How we started

Mountbatten in India (1947

going catalogue work by Archives
produced ASCII files of text (in STATUS)

200 photos put onto laser videodisc

catalogue in Superbase

Links authored using first prototype of

Alan Turing Archive

One of the current projects

King’s College Cambridge

3 way funded pilot. IEE, BCS, ECS Soton

To scan 1/3 of items

Design Web site about the archive for 3
types of users

Technology to be re
used for other archives

Database Design Issues

Create database fields from catalogue etc.

Copyright clearance. Majority is cleared

Pay experts such as Andrew Hodges and
Jonathan Swinton to contribute analysis

Multiple versions/formats of each image for
different applications

OCR images where possible

Scanning Facts and Figures

A3 scanner purchased (Epson GT10000)

780 images scanned at 300dpi, 24bit colour

Compressed Tiff format

13Gb files produced

PC and scanner taken to Archive, King’s

6 days work

JREI Server Project

Joint Research Equipment Initiative

For storing and processing multimedia data
for a variety of projects

2 Sun servers each with 4 processors and
2GB memory

Approximately 200Gb disk space

Turing Web Site Software

IBM DB2 to manage the multimedia data

Apache Web server

PHP (HTML embedded scripting language)
for dynamic pages that query the database

Whole system is cross
platform and free

Also available via our Agent Framework

Browse database for

List of Folders in the Item (A.1)

List of Files in the Folder

High Quality Image Browser

Research started in the Viseum and
ACOHIR projects

Image capture, calibration, compression,
serving and scanning

Image server provides image tiles to a Java

Quickly view very large images (1Gb)

Sample Photo


AMT running, inscribed on back, ‘National
Physical Lab. 2nd in 3 miles’

26 Dec. 1946

Copyright: Photographer unknown (possibly a

Image Viewer


Précis of Einstein's Theory
of Relativity. [c. 1927].
AMS notes putting the
argument of The Theory of
Relativity by Albert
Einstein in simple form,
taking the book chapter by
chapter, with directions on
how to read it.


Alan Turing www.turing.org.uk (Hodges)

IAM www.iam.ecs.soton.ac.uk

Image Browser

Php uk.php.net


Contact Kirk Martinez km@ecs.soton.ac.uk