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JEE 6 specs with Servlet

3.0 and JSP 2.1

with POJO as MODEL Tier and JPA as DATA Tier.

What is new in JEE 6?

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

Introduction to JDBC

JDBC Drivers and their types

JDBC Connection flow

Java.sql package





Writing a simple JDBC Program

Adding data to a table

Deleting data

Updating data

Using Prepared Statements

Problems of conventional jdbc hence look forward to ORM using Hibernate

Java Servlet Technology

Overview of an application server/servlet container

What Is a Servlet?

Servlet Life Cycle

Initializing a

Writing Service Methods

Getting Information from Requests

Constructing Responses

Java Server Pages Technology

What Is a JSP Page?

The Life Cycle of a JSP Page

Execution of a JSP page

Creating Static Content

Creating Dynamic Content

Using Objects within JSP Pages

JSP Scripting Elements

Including Content in a JSP Page

Transferring Control to Another Web Component

communication with servlet

What Is a JSP Page?

JavaBeans Components in JSP Pages

JavaBeans Component Design Conventions

Why Use a JavaBeans Component?

Creating and Using a JavaBeans Component

Setting JavaBeans Component Properties

Retrieving JavaBeans Component Properties

Overview of JSP Model 1 Architecture

Controller (MVC) Architecture

Introduction to Servlet

3.0 specification and motivations

How to run without web.xml

How to use Initialization parameter without web.xml

Problems of Model 2 design pattern and transition to Struts

Servers used (web and application)

Apache tomcat 7.0


Application Server 7

IDE used

(Eclipse and Netbeans)

Project Specific Requirements

Project Work