Sybase iAnywhere Blue SDK for Android

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product datasheet
Sybase iAnywhere
Blue SDK for Android™
The Sybase iAnywhere Blue Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android provides application layer support for
Bluetooth® applications that are provided by the iAnywhere Blue SDK for Linux and associated profiles. With the
underlying Bluetooth functionality running on a Linux based 2.6.x kernel, the Android SDK allows end developers to
add increased wireless flexibility to the rich Android framework.
The Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR core stack is Bluetooth qualified and complemented with a comprehensive set of profiles
that are kept up to date, maintained with the latest enhancements as they are ratified by the Bluetooth SIG and
supported. This kit not only streamlines the development process, it also enables customers to rapidly integrate and
deploy solutions with confidence knowing that the software has passed Bluetooth qualification and rigorous testing
at interoperability test events.
The core stack is compliant to Bluetooth v 2.1 + EDR, has been qualified as a core component and is integrated into
the Linux kernel v 2.6.x. to provide the most efficient operation and highest performance in data throughput. Access
to this component is made simple through a character device interface allowing applications in user space to manage
connections with other Bluetooth devices and support data connections required when profiles are invoked.
The Connection Manager is seamlessly integrated into the Android framework making communication with
remote Bluetooth devices easy. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) above the Dalvik Java machine are provided
allowing applications developers access to the rich set of Bluetooth functions offered within this SDK. Sample
applications are provided with the SDK showing developers how to create compelling solutions using the full set of
Bluetooth features supported.
Comprehensive documentation is provided explaining the architecture of this software, build process to bring the SDK
into the Android framework as well as guidance on application development and API definitions. Engineering technical
support is available, providing timely solutions to technical problems as well as additional guidance to developers.
Profiles and stack are qualified components, providing assurance that the iAnywhere Blue SDK for Android is
ready for mass commercial deployment. As further testament to its deployablility, is the significant amount of
interoperability testing that the stack and profiles undergo at regular Bluetooth Unplugfests.
The iAnywhere Blue SDK for Android is designed to compliment the Android framework by offering the underlying
Bluetooth services already supported in Android (Generic Access, Handsfree, Advanced Audio Distribution) requiring
minimal to no changes to pre-existing applications. Developers gain the benefit of using the most up-to-date profiles
on a qualified Bluetooth compliant v2.1 +EDR stack, knowing that all components have been thoroughly tested via the
qualification process and interoperability tests conducted at Unplugfests.
The iAnywhere Blue SDK for
Android supports the following
set of profiles:
Generic Audio Video Distribution •
Profiles (GAVDP) v1.2 which
– Advanced Audio Distribution
Profile (A2DP) v1.2
– Audio Visual Remote Control
Profile (AVRCP) v1.4
– Audio / Video Control
Transport Protocol (AVCTP) v1.3
– Audio / Video Distribution
Transport Protocol (AVDTP) v1.2
Handsfree Profile (HFP) v1.5•
Headset Profile (HSP) v1.2•
Phone Book Access Profile •
(PBAP) 1.0
Basic Imaging Profile (BIP) v1.0 •
Basic Printing Profile (BPP) v1.2 •
SIM Access Profile (SAP) v1.1•
Messaging Access Profile •
(MAP) v1.0
Object Exchange Protocol •
(OBEX) v1.4
Generic Object Exchange Profile •
(GOEP) v1.1 supporting File
Transfer Profile (FTP) v1.1 and
Object Push Profile (OPP) v1.1
Human Device Interface Profile •
(HID) v1.0
Serial Port Profile (SPP) v1.1•
Profiles not currently offered with the general Android release are provided in the SDK. An APIs is exported to the
developer and end-user through a set of Java related calls that can be made through the Dalvik Java Machine. Sample
applications for profile management are provided as templates, allowing developers to understand profile operation
and provide a jump start in terms of developing commercial solutions.
Integration of the iAnywhere Blue SDK for Android into the existing framework is a simple task. The “Bluetooth
Services” module is replaced with the iAnywhere’s version and provides all interfaces into the underlying Bluetooth
profiles and protocols. The Profiles and Bluetooth stack are also iAnywhere components that are available separately
and operate in a Linux v2.6.x environment consistent with the Android implementation. There are additional modules
resident beneath the Dalvik Java machine that offer the necessary interfaces to profiles and allow direct access to the
stack for connection management operations.
Indicates components provided by iAnywhere.
Sybase, Inc.
Worldwide Headquarters
One Sybase Drive
Dublin, CA 94568-7902
1 800 8 sybase
Copyright © 2009 Sybase, Inc. All rights reserved. Unpublished rights reserved under U.S. copyright laws. Sybase and the
Sybase logo are trademarks of Sybase, Inc. or its subsidiaries. Android is a trademark of Google. All other trademarks are the
property of their respective owners. ® indicates registration in the United States. Specifications are subject to change without
notice. 06/09
exceptional Quality
The iAnywhere Blue SDK for Linux relies on a time tested Bluetooth stack that is capable of using any Bluetooth
radio available in the market and continues to provide developers with the flexibility to select the hardware of their
choice in creating solutions. It has been deployed in hundreds of commercial products over the years, many of which
are mass produced and in circulation today.
With its integration into the Linux operating system along with the many profiles provided, this product is one in
which developers can have the highest level of confidence, one in which offers the greatest competitive advantage
and one that requires the least amount of engineering investment in the pursuit of offering world class commercial
solutions that are reliable, up-to-date and fully tested.
Sybase iAnywhere
Worldwide Headquarters
One Sybase Drive
Dublin, CA 94568-7902
For General Information:
North America
tel: 1-800-801-2069 or
ARS Software GMBH
tel: +49-89-893413-0
tel: +33-4-76073620
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