Build Android Apps via App Inventor for Android

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12 July 2010
App Inventor for
By: Ionut Arghire, Mobile Editor
Build Android Apps via App Inventor for Android
All from a web browser on your computer
The building of software solutions for Google's Android operating system has just got a little
easier, as a new tool is available for those interested in the matter, namely the App Inventor
for Android. The new solution enables the development of applications for the Android
platform through the use of a web browser and a Java Web Start application, and enables
almost anyone to come up with a software solution for an Android-based device.
According to the development team, the solution is that simple to use mainly due to the fact
that one won't have to write code, but would be able to visually design the way in which the
app looks, while making use of blocks to specify
the app
's behavior. There are a great deal
of blocks one can use, including blocks for storing information, for repeating actions, for
connecting to online services, or for performing actions under certain conditions.
"The blocks editor uses the Open Blocks Java library for creating visual blocks
programming languages. Open Blocks is distributed by the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology's Scheller Teacher Education Program and derives from thesis research by
Ricarose Roque. We thank Eric Klopfer and Daniel Wendel of the Scheller Program for
making Open Blocks available and for their help in working with it. Open Blocks visual
programming is closely related to the Scratch programming language, a project of the MIT
Media Laboratory's Lifelong Kindergarten Group," the guys over at Google Labs
As for the type of applications that can be created through the use of App Inventor for
, the list is quite a long one, it seems, ranging from simple games to complicated
ones or to applications developed for educational purposes. [img=2]The App Inventor can
take advantage of a GPS-location sensor too, and also enabled the building of software
solutions that can benefit from other features of
a handset
As stated above, the App Inventor for
can be used via a web browser. The
development team notes that it is compatible with Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and higher, Apple
Safari 5.0 and higher, Google Chrome 4.0 and higher, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and
higher, and that it can be used on computers running under Windows (XP, Vista and 7),
Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, or Linux (Ubuntu 8+, Debian 5+). Java 6 is also required. Additional
details on the matter are available
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