Project: "Lookebox Challenge!"

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Project: "Lookebox
: the development will be focused on improve the game "Lookebox!" through adding social
features, like challenges
also we'll add in-app articles for purchasing
; also we want
to improve visuals and aesthetics, better GUI and menus.

: BB10, BB Tablet
Social SDK
: Scoreloop as first option for every platform.

The whole game will be rewritten on C++ with Cocos2d-x framework.

GUI system and menus.
More animations and effects for the elements, and the addition of
any new menu that could needed. (for instance, Challenge menu)
. We want to bring more
fluidity and dynamism to the user experience before entering the game.

Gameplay. New "Challenge" option, the player can challenge a friend from Facebook. The
game will include powers and tricks through in-app purchases.
The detail for every power-
up will be include in another document. Also we want to include some features from the
BB10 device, like BBM status messages.

Powerups items (note that we didn't add all the items,
this is just a mockup).