Why Etisbew for Cold Fusion ? Case Study

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Etisbew ranked 5th best ColdFusion services company in
the world.
More than 300 man years of experience in providing
development and maintenance services around ColdFusion with an average developer experience of 6 years Premier Adobe Solutions Partner
Adobe and Brain bench certified development engineersExpertise in developing complex applications with
ColdFusion Version 5 through 8 and advanced technologies like Flex, Fusebox Framework, CFC, Custom
Why Etisbew for ColdFusion?
The Business Challenge:
Etisbew Solution :
Business Benefits :

Client is in the business of protecting brand integrity on
websites across the internet
The ultimate goal and challenge in front of the client was to
help their customers with reduced online brand and copyright abuse
Client was using Manual process of data management,
abuse detection and reporting system with no structured data management
Etisbew performed a thorough Requirement Analysis of
client business
Got a full knowledge transfer of clients business model,
process flow, activities performed and current system
ETG envisaged the need for adding power to the application
and accordingly developed a spidering / crawling application to intelligently crawl and capture data from targeted sites
ETG also added a image comparison system to the spidering
ETG analysed and suggested a migration from Single
Product / Single Client / Single Database systems (one for each product / client) to a Multi Client / Multi Product /
Single Database solution which reduces the overall cost as well as maintenance
ETG architected and developed a Distributed Data
Management system for eliminating Data Redundancy
Automated solution
Faster enforcement process and control on data
Stage 1 - Analysis
Stage2 - Adding Power to the system
Stage3 Fine Tuning of the System
Stage4 Distributed Data Management
Case Study
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ColdFusion Application
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