A smart phone application

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A smart phone application

for sales agents

Testing Document

Academic Advisor:

Prof. Ehud Guddes

Professional Advisor:

Mr. Bernard Fadlon


rsen Shatikian, Udi Vaksman, Avihai Danino

Testing User Interface:



Test ID

Run the app and see that the first
page is login page.

Validating that the GUI starts on
login page.


On the "login" screen enter incorrect
username or incorrect password and
see that "Login Failed" message is

Validating that if
incorrect user
name or incorrect password is
entered, User cannot login.


On the "login" screen enter correct
username and password and see that
"Search Customer" screen is shown.

Validating that if correct user
name and password is entered,
User is logg
ed in successfully.


On the "Search Customer" screen enter
a ID or a name of the customer and see
that we got the customer on the list of
the result.

Validating that if we are searching
an exist customer at the "Search
Customer" screen, we are getting
him as a result at the "Found
Customer" screen.


On the "Search Customer" screen enter
a ID or a name of a customer that
doesn't exist and see that we got an
empty list as a result.

Validating that if we are searching a
customer that doesn't exist at the

"Search Customer" screen, we are
getting an empty list at the "Found
Customer" screen.


On menu, we choose "customer" and
choose "New/Edit", filling the fields
and see that we get "Customer Added"
message with the customer details.

Validating that we ca
n add
edit a


On "Found Products" screen we click on
a product and see that the "Product
Details" screen of the chosen product is

Validating that we can see the
details of a chosen product


On "Product Details" screen we click on
to Cart" button and see that "X
s added" message is shown.

Validating that we can add a
product to our shopping cart


On "
Shopping Cart
" screen we click on

"Remove" button near the product we
want to remove and see that the
product is removed from the list.

Validating that we can remove a
product from our shopping cart


On "Select Order" screen we enter the
order ID and see that "Order details" is
shown of

the order.

Validating that we can see the
details of an exist order


On "Select Order" screen we enter an
ID of nonexistent order and see that
error message is shown.

Validating the case of nonexistent
order ID.


On "Search Product" we enter some
ttributes and check in the results that
we got the appropriate products.

Validating the results of "Search


On "orders" menu we choose "view
orders" and see the list of orders on
"My orders" screen.

Validating that all the history of
orders are

available on "My
orders" screen.


On "Login" page we enter to settings
and type a url for the logo, after saving
we can see the new logo on the
"Login" screen.

Validating that we can replace the
logo of the app


On the screen of payment details,
users will press the OK button and we
can see that both of the orders are
shown on the orders list.

Validating that many users can
generate a same order in parallel


When the user logged in we stop the
server and we can see the message

from server" and the
app will pass to the login screen.

Validating that the app handles a
server crush


Testing of Non
Functional Requirements



be able to

, and the time it takes to process each of them will be tested, in
order to check the average time of



In order to perform the throughput tests, there is a need in
many users that perform
operations, orders, etc..

between different

to the server
simultaneously. Difficult to do
so in the scope of this project.


Our system database will be accurate and will analyze all the events that were sent to the Application
server. There is no risk that

several clients will try to write in the database simultaneously. If for some
reason the connection to the Application Server or to the Database Server will fall, the user will be
informed about it, and will get additional message on resumption of the con


The query for the products list is the longest one, it takes 125 ms. In a minute, each agent generates
2 queries, in average. If we are testing the system with 50 agents that connected to it, we can see
that in a minute, the server i
s busy just 5 SECONDS, and for the rest of the time it isn't busy. So for
91% of the time the server is available.

In addition, the other queries take no time for the server (
close to
0 ms!!!).

Random & Automatically
generated Tests

Not applicable.