IGC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is IGC?

IGC is the single place between Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and United States
Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) for consistent access to common, authoritative
data, business standards, and information. It increases logistics information sharing across

DoD, providing improved reliability and responsiveness of data exchange, and enabling
enhanced capabilities. IGC eliminates redundancy, streamlines access to data, and optimizes
resources; enabling faster application development in support of informed

and agile decision

The IGC Program has delivered a Commercial
Shelf (COTS)

based, Net
Ready/Net Centric System of Systems (SoS) for transportation, supply chain, and related
logistics data. IGC features an Enterprise Data Warehouse (

and Role Based Access
Control (RBAC) with Single Sign
On (SSO) through a secure web portal, and it leverages
the DLA Integrated Data Environment (IDE) data brokering capability and it’s Enterprise
Service Bus (ESB). The IGC program replaced and rectifie
d core deficiencies associated
with the legacy GTN system and created a single point of access to organize and understand
data from USTRANSCOM and DLA decision support systems.

What are the benefits of IGC?

Improved Decision Making and Planning

Reduced redundancy, increased
return on investment

Builds a strategic partnership between DLA and USTRANSCOM

Realization of the Net
Centric Vision

Dashboards and Reports

that allows access to data metrics

Unifies people, processes, and systems in support of improving logistics performance to the

Enables a more effective/efficient supply chain

Data Discovery Portal that
provides information about system
system interfaces from and
to the IDE Dat
a Broker

IGC Data Brokering Services that
provides data brokering services (between data sources
and data consumers) in two broad categories

data access services and
management services

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

provides integrated

distribution data


One Data Warehouse for data:

Instead of 5 personnel accessing 5 (or more) different
systems for data, there is one source Customizable Dashboards created for individual
access, based on information requirements

What is the BI COE?


Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BI COE) is a collaboration forum
established by the IGC Program Manager (PM) to manage requirements for application
development, rapid development services as well as data brokering services. The BI COE’s
is to manage customer requirements and work closely with the customer to ensure
requirements are accurately documented, and questions are resolved to process the
requirement through the BI COE Pipeline process via contract award. The BI COE is the
ce between the customer and the IGC PM to include IGC training.

The BI COE Rapid Development Team conducts rapid development to build/field BI
solutions, with the in
house ability to deliver capabilities quickly

Production expectation is
2 weeks or less.

They can develop Dashboards, Web Services, Reports, Universe
Development, Alerts

Note: Requirements for BI rapid development services are not processed for contract award but
are developed and implemented “in
house” by the BI COE engineering staff.

If I had a GTN account will it work for IGC or will I have to obtain a new account?


is a separate system from the legacy GTN, so you’ll have to obtain a separate account.

How do I get an IGC account?

Go to the IGC Website at

then click on Account Request

1. Review the User Role descriptions provided on each account request form; most users will
only require an UNCLASSIFIED ENTERPRISE user account. If this is the o
nly account you
require, there is no need to select advanced roles. CLASSIFIED user accounts do not have
advanced roles.

NOTE: You must provide a detailed justification for EACH requested role. Failure to provide
justification will result in access denial.

2. Download the IGC Account Request Form and complete all form fields. DO NOT include
your SSN anywhere on this form. The request will be returned if you include your SSN. Digitally
sign the form in the appropriate box and save a copy using the filename
format below:



NOTE: If you are requesting a CLASSIFIED account, include your SIPR email address in the
official email address field.

3. Send the digitally signed form to your supervisor (or to your

government sponsor if you are a
contractor). This person will complete the appropriate form fields, digitally sign the form, and
forward it to your Security Manager. Your Security Manager will then complete the form and
digitally sign it.

4. The Security
Manager will send the digitally signed form to the IGC

Help Desk for account
creation at

NOTE: You are responsible for ensuring your account request is sent to the IGC
Help Desk. If
you have not received a notification from the IGC Help Desk concerning your account request,
please contact your supervisor and/or Security Manager to verify the request was sent to the IGC
Help Desk for processing.

5. Download the Rules of B
ehavior (ROB) Form and digitally sign this form on the last page
using the D
D CA ## certificate associated with your CAC. The ROB is a Standard Mandatory
Notice and Consent Provision For All D
D Information System User Agreement. Once you have
digitally s
igned the ROB send the form to the IGC Help Desk



6. The IGC Help Desk will notify you when the account has been successfully created.

For assistance, please contact

the IGC Help Desk at COMM: 618
6836 or DSN: 576

When should I get my IGC account?

You should request your account as soon as possible. In order to attend any IGC training course
you must have an active IGC account. Due to the addition of role
based permissions your
account may take up to two weeks to process/approve, so starting the pro
cess early will ensure
you have an account prior to training.

Will there be training available for IGC?

Our BI COE and Mobile Training teams have been working hard to support all IGC training
requests from around the world.


Click here for the most current training schedule.


Training is a combination of a Mobile Training Team on
site instruction, Computer Based
Training and instruction through the Defense Connect Online



If you’d like to host an IGC Mobile Training Team (MTT) in your area, please complete the
Request Form

and email it to the IGC BI COE e
mail address:

Will I have the same cap
abilities on IGC that I had on GTN?

Yes, and you will have much more available.

What tool within IGC has replaced GTN?

The Global Tracker Application (GTA) is the new tool in IGC that replaces GTN.

GTN maintained approximately 120 days of data; how much

data will be available in IGC?

IGC will provide at least 90 days of integrated data from each feed with significant additional
data for most feeds stored at the raw data level. IGC is designed to retain historical data for up to
5 years.

I have a new r
equirement. What do I do?

1) Fill out a Requirement Summary Form and submit it to the BI COE via Email to:


form can be downloaded by clicking on the About IGC from the
IGC Website:

2) A BI COE Functional Manager will be assigned to work with your POC to create a valid
uirement, and to aid in all activities as your requirement is handled.

3) Develop the MIPR for submission to the IGC Program Management Office.

If you have any questions regarding IGC, please refer to the FAQ section of the IGC Information
Website, or
send an Email to:


How often will I need to log in to my IGC account to keep it active?

You need to log in to your IGC account every 45 days to keep you account active. I
f you forget
to log in at least once within the 45 days, your account will be deactivated. If this happens, just e
mail or call the IGC help desk and they’ll reactivate your account.

When I open a query report in GTA, I can't see where I put the informati
on in to run a
query. Where do I do this?

Look to the left hand side of the screen about in the middle of the screen, you should see a small
black arrow. Click on that arrow, it should open up the "User Prompt I
put" on the left hand side
of the screen.

Why can't I see a passenger's SSN, but you can search by the SSN?

IGC will not display a passenger
Social Security Number (
: this is in accordance with DOD
Security Policies

Personally Identifiable Information (PII). You can search by SSN in
the Current Passenger Status Report; however, it will not display the SSN.

What is the format for entering the Passenger Name in the queries?

Passenger names are last name space first name. Do not enter a comma after the last name. Also,
you may use the w
ildcard character following the last name or first initial. Smith J% would
return the entire Smith's with first names beginning with J.

In the User Prompt In
put area it has the word "Wildcard". What is a wildcard in IGC?

For IGC this is either the percen
t sign (%) or the under bar (_). The _ is like fill in the blank or
takes the place of one character and the % sign takes the place of multiple characters.

I have a two partial TCN numbers and want to run queries on them. Can I run them

No you c
annot, you must run each of them in separate queries using the wild card. However, if
you have two or more complete TCN numbers you can run them together separated by a semi

I have an IGC account and I am having trouble logging in. Who can I call

IGC Help Desk:


6836; DSN 576

Who are the POCs?

IGC Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (
also for
training requests)



4713; DSN 770

IGC Help Desk



6836; DSN 576