22 April 2011


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22 April 2011

My objective for this meeting was to implement layers. The basic objective has been achieved.
However, there are some problems

the initial screen does not appear blank as it should. I
have attached the html and kmzs.

11 April 2011

In the last meeting, I had gone to Mr. Imran Batada to get guidance about implementing the
Asp.net part of the project.

Mr. Batada told me that to use Google earth in an application, we first have to get its API. He
referred me to some articles which wou
ld help me in
this. However, the major problem I faced
was that to get an API, you need to have your website’s URL.

I am now working on how I can get a URL for whatever I am doing so that I can implement the


March 21, 2011

During the last meeti
ng, on Friday, it was decided that I should look for ways of mapping
regions on wikimapia so that my efforts can be fruitful to the world.

I read various tutorials about how this could be implemented but when I
started to try it out
self, I faced a major


does not allow image overlays a
nd I have no
reference using which I can draw the tehsils of Sind. Therefore I have not been able to mark any
region till yet.

As far as Google earth is concerned, I have found out how my creations can

be transferred from
one PC to another that but for that I have to redo whatever I did earlier.

My immediate objective now is to find out how I can implement

region development in

March 28, 2011

In the meeting on 21

March, it was decided tha
t i would find information about the following
features of wikimapia:

Image overlaying

Drawing regions at larger level

Having a private version of wikimapia to which there can be no unauthorized access

I searched in vain for all these features. I was not
able to find any facility that would allow me to
overlay images on wikimapia. Regions could only be drawn on wikimapia at zoom level 13 or
higher because the authorities in wikimapia want the creator to see the actual satellite images
and know exactly wher
e he is drawing so that wikimapia can be accurate. As for the last
my research till date shows that wikimapia is the same for every one and there can be no
private version of it like my maps.

During the meeting today, an

was carried to help decide which platform should be

for final system. The following table was created to help make decision:


Google Maps


Google Earth

















None of the softwares provide all features


decision had to be based on a tradeoff. It was discussed
that amongst the features, collaboration was perhaps the least significant currently, so that made
Google Earth the most favourable choice.

The question now was to trans
the layers on Google Eart
h to our system and this gave me the next
immediate objective

find out how, using ASP.Net, we can program a s
ystem which would have
clickable layers like in
Google Earth.


April 2011

My objective this time was to explore ways of creating a clickable
layered map using ASP.NET.

However, I have found nothing till yet that would assist me in creating such a system. The
articles I have read so far talk about embedding the entire system as one map, like Google
Maps. But I am looking for features far beyond
that. One of the articles, though, did talk about
converting layers to URLs and putting a URL behind each click, but there were no details. I am
still searching for how this can be possible.

My object for the next meeting remains the same as that mentione
d above, though my
searches are getting more refined now.