German Auto Repair Marietta GA

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We Specializing in Service and Repair of BMW, Mercedes, Mini, and Audi; and Bodyshop repair of all makes and models in the Smyrna area. Click on our links above for more information on our services.

German Auto Repair Marietta GA

We Specializing in Service and Repair of BMW, Mercedes, Mini, and Audi; and Bodyshop
repair of all makes and models in the Smyrna area. Click on our links above for more
information on our services.

Autobahn Imports was
established in 1983 by its current owner. We are centrally located
in the Vinings/Smyrna area, less than one half mile from Vinings Exit 18 on Interstate 285.
We provide convenient service to the Buckhead, Midtown, Marietta, Mableton, Austell,
Powder Sprin
gs and East Cobb areas and have proudly served Metro Atlanta with integrity
and dependability for the past twenty six years.

Scheduled Maintance

All Cars require regular maintenance to make sure they stay in top working order. Our
BMW and Mercedes certifi
ed technicians will inspect your vehicle from front to back,
ensuring that all fluids are at proper levels, and all worn out parts are recommended to be

Neglecting even simple routine maintenance, such as oil changes, can lead to poor fuel
omy, unreliability, or in worst case costly breakdowns sometimes requiring replacing
the engine. We recommend that you come in on every scheduled maintenance to ensure
your car lasts you for many years to come.

Our service center provides an extensive ran
ge of repair and maintenance services


Oil changes

Brake jobs


Shocks and struts


Call us at 770
6262 or contact us to schedule an Auto Repair Service Appointment
Today! We use only genuine BMW, Mercededes, Mini, and Aud
i parts, and our staff is
continually trained to provide the most up
date service to your vehicle.

The Quality Difference:

Don’t be fooled! At other cheaper
body shops

where they charge just a few hundred dollars
for a paint job,

are using inferior quality finish products that will only last upto a few
years. This is because they are using what is called single stage paint systems, the older
technology that car man
ufacturers used to use before the invent of Urethane systems. This
paint system is durable for a few years, but lacks the shine and luster of the urethane
systems, and begins to dull out almost immediately.

We use High quality Materials and paint systems f
rom Germany, primarily BASF, the same
paint brand that Mercedes and BMW currently use on their new manufactured vehicles.

of this, we can guarantee our paint and repair work for as long as you own the car.


We have many years experience i
customizing your ride to the look you’ve been
wanting, from Installing aftermarket
Fiberglass/SBC/Carbon Fiber parts, full
stage candy custom paint jobs,

can do it
all. We not only install the parts, but where
possible, we will modify the part
to get the best cleanest fit and look on the car.
Customizations are not easy, and can get quite costly. If you are looking to get your car
customized, we recommend you come in with your ride, and we can recommend the best
route for you to go and quote you

an estimate based on what we see.

Paint and Collision

We have and use the latest state of the art equipment to
ensure your car is restored to factory standards. Our Laser measurement system and
Cheetah framelasermessure machines, along with our many years experience handling
such equipment, ensures an exact p
ull to the specifications set by the manufacturer of your
vehicle, whether it’s just a slightly bent frame rail, or a total loss vehicle. Our Downdraft
filtered paint booths and high grade SATA and Iwata Paint guns ensure a clean professional
paint job ev
ery time. Leave your car to us,

satisfaction and your safety is our #1
priority, so we will do it right the first time. Bring your car in for a FREE Estimate today!

We guarantee

our work for life
We warranty all repairs in our
body shop

against failur
(separation from metal substrates, bubbling, etc), and warranty our paint against peeling,
cracking, chipping (beyond what is normal for front body panels) and fading, for as long as
you own your car. If any of these occur, bring it back here and we will

fix it free of charge to
you. There are some limitations to what can be warranted, such as rust, in such cases
customer will be advised before accepting repairs.

Our Services


We offer battery services, such as

battery replacement,
charging, testing and recycling services.


Whether you need a quick oil change or a complete


system servicing, our
local friendly

mechanics are ready to help you fix your car exhaust problems.

Engine Management

We will help

you maintain and restore your car's engine back to its
prime with our dependable knowledge on import cars.

Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning

isn't working properly but have no idea
what the problem is, we will help you discover and fix th
e problem.

We offer car care and servicing by our personnel for the
purpose of maintaining and keeping your car at optimal performance


Allow our team and our Vehicle maintenance &

engine tune up services will
help you get the maximum performance out of your car.

For more information please visit