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INF 8445: Bioinformatics Master

s Capstone Project


Dr. Steven F. Jennings


Office Location:

ETAS 505/UALR campus

Office Hours:

TBD (see schedule posted on office door)




(501) 569
8216 [W]

Meeting Time/Location:

Occasionally as a class, but mostly individual meetings;

Final presentations will be scheduled independently.


Course Director’s permission and completion of at least one graduate
course in each of the four
core areas

of the UALR/UAMS Joint Graduate
Program in Bioinformatics (must include
BINF 5445: Bioinformatics
Theory and Applications


This course provides a structured context in which the student completes an
individual Capstone Project

for the Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics. The
project includes significant software and/or website development done
through the MidSouth Bioinformatics Center at UALR (MBC) and produces a
specific deliverable which contributes to the bioinformatics rese
infrastructure at UALR and UAMS. The student must develop a website
describing the software with a user manual and tutorial. Four credit hours.

Required Texts:


Course Structure:

Students are required to periodically meet with their Proje
Committee and the staff of the MidSouth Bioinformatics Center. The
capstone project is a significant software and/or website development which
should be broad enough in scope that it is usable by an international
clientele, yet customizable to be usefu
l by the student’s research laboratory.


Bioinformatics, Biostatistics
, Information
Computer Science, and the Life Sciences

Method of Evaluation:

Students are evaluated on the quality of their final project
deliverable and their project’s website, user manual, and tutorial. The
project is supervised by the Course Director, the MBC

Technical Director, and
a Project Committee consisting of a minimum of two project mentors who are
members of the Program’s graduate faculty
); alternatively, stu
dents who intend to
pursue their PhD may form their PhD Advisory Committee and use this
committee in lieu of a Project Committee. Students who chose this latter
option should identify a Capstone Project that will contribute to the
development of their dis
sertation research. The project culminates in a
public, oral presentation and final grades are determined by the Course
Director in consultation with the students’ Project Committees, the MBC
Technical Director, and members of the Bioinformatics Program’s

Evaluation Committee.

As a benchmark, Capstone Projects should result in one or more refereed,
publishable papers and/or conference presentations for the student and
those who assisted with the project.

Students with Disabilities:

It is the p
olicy of the University of Arkansas at Little
Rock to create inclusive learning environments. If there are aspects of
the instruction or design of this course that result in barriers to your
inclusion or to accurate assessment of achievement

such as time
imited exams, inaccessible web content, or the use of non

please notify the instructor as soon as possible. Students are
also welcome to contact the Disability Resource Center, telephone
3143 (v/tty). For more information, visit th
e DRC website at