Network Security First-Step

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Network Security First

Reviewer Name: Brion Washington, Senior VOIP Engineer

Reviewer Certifications: CCNA, CCIE Written

This book is awesome from cover to cover. I rate it 10 starsI even received a free mouse pad with
the book. The first chapter
is a must read for anyone involved in the security field. In the first
chapter Tom takes you through the steps and mindset of both the serious hacker and the script
kiddies. You will learn what tools are used and how they are deployed against various targe
ts. I
found this chapter to be one of the best I have ever read. Also included in the very first chapter is
a list of common exploits; it doesn’t get any better then that. After reading the very first chapter I
wanted to see if I could hack
I didn’t thoug
h. Tom understands that in order to win a war, you
must know your enemy and he does his best to help the reader.

The book continues with security policy and how to respond to these. This chapter helps with the
dreaded task of creation of and administratio
n of good security polices and practices. While this
chapter was not my favorite, it is necessary in understanding what makes a complete network
security policy. The author continues to provide great information throughout this book. One
chapter is devoted

to router security, which includes a detailed template on what should be
configured on the router. I have looked for a long time to find just a few of the valuable commands
and their definitions. You’re introduced to firewalls and DMZ’s, the core devices
that are used to
implement security or both private and corporate networks. Then you are taken on a journey into
the world of IPSec and VPNs. The chapter helped to introduce a relatively new technology in the
data world. Security protocols are also explai
ned in this book. This provides the user with a good
introduction to the commonly used protocols that are popular in today’s networks. Just when you
think you’re knowledgeable he introduces intrusion detection, which is rapidly becoming the talk
of the sec
urity world.

This book is filled with so many web sites on every, and I mean every aspect of network security.
The tools used by both the good guys and the bad guys are presented in almost every chapter. I
like the fact that the author tries to provide in
formation on the areas of network security. One can
argue that too much information or references are provided. However, I feel that you need to be
aware of what you’re up against in order to provide effective security for your network. You can’t
defend ag
ainst tools or methods if you don’t know about them. This book provides a very liberal
approach to learning network security.

Bottom line is this book is a MUST
have for anyone that is interested in learning or joining the
network security field. You will

find the solid foundation you need, but don’t worry there are tons
of web site links that you can find within these pages to further your knowledge. I have to say if
you don’t read this book you’re not serious on network security. If the book doesn’t get
interested in this field nothing will. BUY IT TODAY!!!