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Mr. Moser

English II

Poverty in
To Kill a Mockingbird

As we near the end of our study, we are going to take time to exami
ne the role poverty
plays in the characters, settings, and events of this story. Poverty has a far
reaching effect
not only in the book but in life itself. Reading this book numerous times has provided me
with different insights each and every time, and it wasn’t until recently that I realized the
importance of this subject as it relates to the book. It really helps to

remember something
Atticus says very early in the book:
“You never really understand a person until you
consider things from their point of view…until you climb into their skin and walk
around in it” (p. 30).

Having read some excerpts from Ruby Payne’s b
A Framework for Understanding
, draw parallels between her work and the following elements of
To Kill A

The Great Depression

The Ewells (specifically Bob and Mayella)

The Robinsons

The Finches

The Cunninghams

The First Purchase Church Congregation