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by Kristi Sutter

Dr. Ruby Payne, author of
A Framework for Understanding Poverty
, has taught us that many low income families
do not utilize basic organization skills such as keeping a calendar. Many families in my school struggle with
planning ahead and organization, therefore library books are often lost, not returned on time or dam
aged. Our
school is losing approximately $ 400 in books each year. While not every student has their own bedroom, dresser or
desk to keep library books on,
every home has a doorknob
. I propose purchasing canvas library bags for each
student in the first

grade. Hanging these library bags on a doorknob will serve as a reminder for returning their
books as well as provide a safe place for the book to be stored. I have noticed that this group of students has an
especially difficult time returning library bo
oks and see this as an opportunity to teach planning and responsibility.

“It’s In t
he Bag”

will provide a valuable organizational tool for the first graders of my school.

The canvas bag will have an iron on decal with our school mascot and the words LIBRA
RY BOOKS. Each bag will
also have a tag hanging from the handle with the due date, for example: Due Wednesday. I chose to put the due date
on a tag so that students could use their library bag throughout their time in school and also with the public libr
ary in
the summer. The materials needed for this project are: canvas bags, iron
on transfers, ribbon and cardstock. This
grant would also provide book trees (coat trees) for the classrooms. These will allow the students a place to hang
their bag when it

is returned to school as space can be at a premium in primary classrooms. I do not have
supplemental resources for this project, beyond the basic library budget.


Prior to the beginning of school, I will prepare the library bags.

During librar
y time for August and September:

I will teach lessons on library book care and responsibility.

Students will practice checking out books and putting them in their library bag.

Students will practice storing books on their book tree.

Students will practice
returning library books in their library bag.

During First Grade Orientation I will explain the project to parents.

The canvas bag is a tool to help students/families keep library books safe and return them on time.

Families will find a doorknob for
the bag and students are to keep their book in the bag when it is not being

Students will return the bag (with the book) to their classroom book tree on the day the book is due or when
they have finished reading.

Students will bring their library ba
g to the library each week and check out new books.

Not only will students be able to use these bags for years to come in the school setting, but they will also be able to
use them in the summer at the public library. I can see that this could expand in
to LIBRARY BAGS for all grades
and possibly HOMEWORK BAGS to help with homework organization. The
“It’s I
n the Bag”

project will not
only provide students with the tools needed to become responsible library patrons, but may also provide students
and paren
ts the opportunity to expand their organizational skills.