Photographic Journalism Level 5 Image Processing

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Photographic Journalism

Level 5

Image Processing


Image Processing

you’ll be doing



Image Quality

Image Processing

Module runs for

04 Feb to 24 May 2013

Module Aims

The module aims to develop students
that are capable of processing digital
images appropriate for publication and
cataloguing these images in a
structured, professionally managed

It also aims to demonstrate how to use
image processing techniques effectively.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module the student
should be able to:

Apply complex image processing tools in the
preparation of digital images for publication in a
variety of formats.

Catalogue, archive and retrieve large numbers of
digital image files independently using definitional

Demonstrate the ability to apply complex image
processing tools within a strict ethical framework.


In each tutorial session we’ll look at a
different aspect of image processing and the
software tools available.

You’ll work through a series of tutorials to
learn to use these tools effectively and then
be expected to apply them to your own


Week 1

Image Formats & Quality

Week 2

Tone & Colour Correction

Week 3

Retouching & Correction

Week 4

Layers and Masking

Week 5

Special Effect Filters

Week 6

Image Management

Week 7

Experimental Techniques

Week 8

Ethical Considerations


Week 9


Easter Break

Week 10

Portfolio development

Week 11

Portfolio development

Week 12

Portfolio development

Week 13

Portfolio development

Week 14

Assignment Submission


Portfolio (100%)

You will be required to draw up a portfolio
demonstrating your understanding of image
processing techniques.

This should evidence how these techniques
have been effectively applied to the Group
Project assignment to professionally manage
and produce digital images appropriately for


The portfolio should cover the following areas
of image processing;

Cataloguing and indexing images

Image format and compression

Colour and tonal adjustment

Retouching and correction.

Effects and filters.


The portfolio should be a combination of text and
supporting images, and should include research
activities, examples of experimentation, methodology,
and an evaluation of the techniques as applied to your
own work.

The portfolio should be at least the equivalent of 10
pages of well covered A4 pages, with at least 1000

The portfolio should be submitted in PDF format to
the x
stream drop box by 24 May 2013.

Module Information

All documentation for this module is
available on x
stream, through the

L5 Photographic Journalism wiki.

Make sure you read through the Module