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Problems with Linguistics Dictionary Database

Bruno did an upgrade last week to the Linguistics server. I didn’t think it would make a
lot of difference, but it did.

The PostGres ODBC driver stopped working.

I was able to get my copy of the
database wo
rking again, but I had to download a new
copy of the ODBC driver from


I also put a copy of this on the Dictionary share on the Linguistics server. It is kno
wn as


To install it, you’ll need to UNINSTALL the old version, reboot, and then install the new

Then, open a blank database in Access.

Click file, then Get External Data, then Import.

You’ll see the following file


the red box. Click that drop down menu and choose ODBC Databases ().

(It’s at the bottom of the list)

A new window will appear that looks like this.

Note the red box. Click the Machine Data Source tab.

Click New. (in Red.)

A new window wil
l appear. Choose System Data Source. Click Next.

Your screen will change.

Choose PostgreSQL.

Click Next.

Click Finish.

You should see this….

Fill it in with the necessary information you see above.

Database: dictionary

Server: ling.wi

SSL Mode: Prefer

Port: 5432

Click Save.

It may show you this.

Click Cancel.

You can now open your version of Menominee Database 16e.mdb

You’ll need to refresh your database tables.

Click on the left side, choose tables.

Right click on one

of the many tables there. Choose Linked Table Manager (near

Click Select All:

Click OK.

You may get another screen that looks like this…

Note that I’ve selected the 2

tab (machine data source) and the PostgreSQL item…but
instead of it sa
ying “user”, it should say “system.”

This is to indicate to your system that it should ALWAYS ask for configuration
instructions from your system.