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Course @ DEE

Help file for managing the course
information in PostgreSQL database


Write your username and password to the corresponding fields and click the “Login”


After a successful login you will be

taken to the main menu. From here you can select the
thing you want to do. If you are an admin, your menu will look like the one below. If you
are normal user, you are not able to add or delete users or delete Erasmus application

Add new course

In “Add course”
page you can create a new course and write information about it to the
fields in this page. “Edit course content”
button will open a new window, where you can
add the course content. After you have filled all the fields, click “Add cours

button to
save the course. If you click “back”

button, nothing will be saved and you will be taken
back to the main menu.

Course added

After the course has been saved successfully to the database you will see following note.
Click “Back”
ton to get back to the menu.

Edit course

Select the course you want to edit from the dropdown menu and click “Edit”
button to
edit course information. “Back”

button will take you back to the main menu without
making any changes to any data. The name
of the Course is the only thing that you can’t
edit. If you want to change it, you have to delete the course and create a new course with
the name you want it to have. You have to click “Update”

button to save the changes
you have made. If you click “back

button, nothing will be saved and you will be taken
back to the main menu.

Delete course

Select the course you want to delete from the dropdown menu and click “Delete”. Now
the course has been deleted from the database, and you are still on the
same page. If you
want to delete other courses too, just select the course and click “Delete”

button. When
you have finished deleting the courses you wanted to delete, click “Back”

button and
you will be taken back to the main menu.


new user

To make a new user you have to fill in following fields: name, username, password,
password and user level. Username is used when you login. Name in the “Name”

field will be used when viewing the course information. There is “Course add
ed by” and
“Course edited by” fields that show the name given in “Name” field.

Edit user

In this page you can change your name and password, the username cannot be changed.
You need to type in your old password to change your password. Then just t
ype your new
password to the last two fields in the form.


After you have done everything you wanted, click “Logout”

button to end your session.
Now you can close the window or login again.