Polypropylene fibre (micro) reinforced concrete or mortar

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Areas of application
Used in concrete and mortar where
there is a risk of dry cracking. Drying
cracks are most often formed in the case
of concrete pouring that is carried out
without protection during weather that
is dry, windy or hot. Casting of slabs,
beams and cast on structures that are
particularly vulnerable. It can be difficult
to protect concrete or mortar against
dry cracking immediately after pouring
has been completed. In such situations,
the plastic fibre reinforcement is a simple
and effective aid, until the surface can
be protected by using conventional
methods such as water, well-functioning
curing membranes or coverings. Mixing
in plastic fibre reinforcement does not
replace normal curing methods.
Polypropylene fibre (micro) reinforced
concrete or mortar
Polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete or mortar
are used for:
• Considerably reducing the risk that drying cracks will arise
during dry, windy and hot weather.
• Improving the cohesion between fresh concrete batches.
• Improving the ability to pump through pipes and hoses of
smaller dimensions and through greater pumping distances.
• Improving workability while pouring.
Product description
Polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete or mortar is an additive to
concrete and mixes which considerably reduces the risk of drying
cracks. The plastic fibres consist of polypropylene fibres which are
resistant in alkaline environments and the length and dosage of which
can vary depending on what properties are required.
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