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Anthony Casack

Ryan Barnie

Biology 1090


There are a lot of athletes that use ster
oids. They use steroids for many reasons like to
improve their

the game that they play. To get an edge on their competition so they will
be the best. There are people that use steroids so they will get bigger and stronger faster.
Steroids can help you gain or to lose weight depending on what you want to do. People al
seen the good things that steroids do but it is like people do not want to see how bad the side
effects can be. In this paper we will discuss some of the side effect that can happen when you
use steroids.

One of the first side effect that I will tel
l you about is gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is
where a man takes steroids and the steroid are hormones like testosterone. Once the
testosterone is increased the estrogen is increased with it. Once

man stops the
testosterone and it is decreased the es
en remains high this causes a hormonal


the male and he starts to grow breasts like a female this is also

to as “bitch tit” by
weight lifters.

Steroids also contribute to

the rate of the blood flow through the arteries than should

and that pressure consistently remains higher. It can also cause impotency or quick
ejaculation. This is known has high has high blood pressure or hypertension. It is

to as

silent killer
” because it often reveals few symptoms.

When someone

uses steroids, they run the risk of contributing to heart disease. This can
happen because steroids increase LDL which is bad cholesterol and form on the walls of your
arteries. This cholesterol is found in fried foods. Steroids also decrease DHL which is

the good
cholesterol that helps with brain function
. This cholesterol is found in foods like egg yolk.

can also lead to having a stroke.

happens with steroid use because the liver can only filter out so much toxin. So the
body will push it out

through the epidermis. This can cause a breakout of the body usually
found on the upper back (shoulders) and on the face.

When someone is

to have male pattern baldness by family history steroid
use can speed up the process.
Because the body
is going through a rapid change in a quick time
period it speeds up the body natural function resulting in
hair loss.

We have seen how steroids can cause many problems such as gynecomastia where a
man starts to get breasts. How steroids can

your he
alth like the good and bad cholesterol
that can cause strokes.


have also seen

how steroids can cause acne and promote hair loss in
some cases


This semester I have learned a great deal about the bo
dy and how amazing it is. The body does so
much that I was so unaware of. The body does this every day every minute throughout our whole body.
Working like a very

machine. Learning about it was very hard but rewarding for me to get a
very little
idea of how wonderful our bodies are.
I am grateful to have my health with know what all it
takes for our bodies to be healthy.