C++ Developer with image processing experience

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C++ Developer

with image processing experience

About the company

Do you care about good user experience and great visual design? Are you
interested in leading edge computer vision techniques like gaze estimation
and facial expressions analysis? Then join

our client, to help develop
groundbreaking user testing tools and interaction technologies for some of
the best companies in the world. The international team has delivered
worldwide biometric studies to the well known brands like Sony, Nokia, IKEA,
The N
ew York Times, NBC and many more.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join the research and
development team in Budapest. The candidate must have a strong background
in computer vision, image processing and 3D modelling.


The task is development of groundbreaking solutions for emotions tracking and automated object recognition. Implement
detection and tracking algorithms for faces and facial features, shapes and objects. Optimise algorithms' performance for rea
ion. Develop integration with data
collection and analysis software.
The work will be done in a team of developers, all
working mostly independently on different parts of the same library. The role requires mostly independent work, with moderate

amount of
code reviews, pair programming and brainstorming sessions used for collaboration.

Detailed Tasks

Implement mathematical concepts from image processing domain in C++.

Implement asynchronous API for the tracking library.

Optimise algorithm implementation fo
r better performance.

Optimise algorithms for parallel execution on multi
core processors, GPUs,
platforms with high/low memory.

Optimise used data structures for im
proved memory management

and use

Optimise code redability and structure, refactoring.

ings to discuss difficult problems on a whiteboard with fellow

Bug tracking and fixing.

Memory leaks or performance bottlenecks tracing and fixing.

Propose use of better libraries for commonly used tasks.



knowledge in C/C++ programming.

xperience with the latest C++ language features (C++ 10/11)

Strong mathematical skills and familiarity with statistical methods.

Minimum 3 years of relevant experience.

Advanced English written & spoken.

Advantageous skil

Ability to prototype in Matlab or R.

Knowledge of frameworks for real
time optimizations using Intel IPP, Threading Building Blocks, GPGPU (CUDA, OpenCL,

Familiarity with computer vision libraries e.g. OpenCV or VXL.

Familiarity with creativ
e coding/visualisation libraries e.g. openFrameworks, Processing, Flash, Jitter

Experience with development of computer vision algorithms, such as object tracking or object recognition algorithms.

Statistical methods such as Active Shape Models (AAM/CLM),
Gaussian processes, Bayesian inference, Mean
Boosting and Classification.

Understanding of machine learning techniques, such as Principle Component Analysis,

Support Vector Machine,
ayer Perceptron, Logistic Regressor.

The ideal candidate is
riendly and witty, team player and independent thinker, excited about new technologies, dilligent, paying
attention to small details, understanding global picture.

Please apply at
with a detailed English language CV
or call +36209606731
for questions.