Briefing Notes for Skype Call with Green Power Inc.

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Notes for Skype Call with Green Power Inc

February 29, 2012


To discover lucrative
new problem areas to which transfer learning can be applied. To find early
adopters/partners for engaging in transfer learning and development of

Breif Bio on Dan

, PhD, CIM

I am a Professor in and the Director of the
Jodrey School of Computer Science


My research focuses on machine learning and its application in data mining,
intelligent agents, user modelling, and adaptive systems.

I teach related courses as well as
courses on software engineering, e
commerce and the impact of computing on our envi
and society. I was the President of the
Canadian Artificiual Intellgence Association

(CAIAC) and
currently hold the Past
President position. In 2005, I founded the
Acadia University Robot
Programming Competitions

and have been the

(FLL) Partner for Nova Scotia
since 2006.

In 2011 I accepted
Science Champion Award

from the Nova Scotia Discovery Center
on behalf of all the wonderful people at Acadia and the NSCC that I have had the pleasure to
work with on youth robotics and the advanceme
nt of STEM education.

Since January, 1993, I
have operated a consulting business,
CogNova Technologies
, that offers services in the areas of
machine learning, knowledge discovery and data mining.

About CogNova Tech


Founded in 1993, in London, Ontario and is now located in the Annapolis Valley of Nova


The company's mission is to provide education, consultation, and services in the areas of
machine learning, knowledge discovery, and data mining.


tion: Courses and seminars on the theory and application of machine learning
and data mining technologies and the knowledge discovery process


Services: Project management,installation and application of third party software,
data analysis and model generat
ion using CogNova proprietary systems, and
summary and analysis of results.


Consulting: Situation analysis and problem definition, selection of third party
systems, project guidance, and trouble shooting.


Prior engagements:


First data mining project for Lo
ndon Life, London, Ontario


First data mining project for MTT, Halifax (now part of Aliant)


Feasibility studies on the use of intelligent adaptive user interfaces by Progeny
Software Inc, Wolfville, NS


Training of Federal Government and Nova Scotia Provinci
al Government employees
directly or through Dalhousie University.


Consulting and data mining services to Health Nova Scotia, Halifax.


Data mining services for TSI Associates Development Corporation,


New Offering in Transfer Learning

Transfer Learning is an area of machine learning that studies the use of prior task knowledge as
a form of inductive bias to improve the effectiveness (more accurate hypotheses) and efficiency
(shorter training times) of learning.
This is the next generati
on machine learning technology that


uses prior knowledge when learning a complex classification or predictive function


Danny Silver

recognized as a leading
researcher in th
is area

(see the DBLP
list of


A great example of the successfully use of
transfer learning that we have led
is the development
of models that can accurately predict the flow rate of streams in the Annapolis Valley from
weather conditions one or three days earlier. Normally, 5 to 10 years worth of data is needed to
build an accurate model for a stream, however wi
th knowledge transfer from models of nearby
streams accurate models can be developed from only 1 year of data for a new stream.

See the
figure below as well as the slides at
the following
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